Online poker is among the most popular games as it is entertaining and amusing. It is also a way to make money if you are good at it. There are different table limits, variations, and all kinds of budgets to provide you with a thrilling Poker experience.

While it may take only a few hours to learn how to play, you need some strategies and guidelines to be a winning player. There are different poker tournaments like Poker WPT, introduced in 2002 in the States, where players compete with each other, and eventually, a winner is determined.  Here are some of the do’s and don’ts of Online Poker Tournaments.

Play With a Trusted Site

Researching and playing at a trusted site is vital to ensure that your personal information and money are secure and safe and that online hackers will not get access to your account. Many online sites will scam players of their money. Therefore ensure you research thoroughly before joining an online tournament.

Have Patience and Prepare to Play in a Long Session


In tournaments such as Poker WPT, championships take a long time to complete, so it’s essential to be mentally and physically prepared to spend long hours playing. Make sure you don’t have other unavoidable commitments, such as picking up children from school. You need and have the patience to finish the play since some online poker tournaments can last up to twelve hours.

Don’t Get Disconnect During the Game

It would be devastating to start a tournament like Poker WPT only to reach halfway; finishing the game to the end is an outstanding achievement and part of your winning strategy. Disconnection will immediately have you kicked out of the game, and the tournament will continue without you.

Don’t Beat Yourself up for Not Having a Balanced Style

Due to its online format, most players are low-skilled, so it’s not worth worrying about giving away a pattern in how you play. Unless you are playing against solid and well-skilled players, an online poker tournament is about having fun and playing responsibly.

Don’t Pull Elaborate Bluffs


Bluffing is a poker element compulsory in the poker game, but one needs to learn how and when to bluff for your strategy to yield good winning results. Trying to pull off elaborate bluffs in online poker is quite different from real life since players don’t see each other’s facial reactions and expressions. So the players tend to focus more on their own hands and won’t react to cards in their hand or actions.

Don’t Play Way Above Your Bankroll

Legal poker sites offer a wide range of stake levels and games, some starting from less than a dollar to more than five hundred. Registering to participate in a tournament takes less than a minute to amend, so keeping your bankroll level in mind is essential. Spending five to ten percent of your bankroll is recommended on a single entry. The rationale is to be in a position to win the level you’re on before moving to the next level.

Invest in a Good Coaching Program

There are free poker strategy training programs and videos that you can use to learn how to play. You can start by finding out where your strengths and weaknesses lie, decide which category you want to make more money and choose a course that fits you. You can also look at online poker quizzes and techniques to equip yourself ahead of the game.



Online poker tournaments like Poker WPT are not just a game of luck and guessing; they require strategy and skills to beat all other players. The above techniques will help you at winning online poker tournaments.