Thanks to technological advances, online learning is growing rapidly and will continue to do so in the coming years. Moreover, over the past year, the lockdown has greatly changed people’s attitudes toward online learning. Because of the inability to attend regular schools, online classes have become the only option for learning. Besides many people liked this format of learning which allows them to master both school subjects for students and different skills which are necessary for career growth. Also, it will be useful for learning a new hobby or just for your pleasure. A big advantage of this format is its accessibility at any time, anywhere all over the world.

After the lockdown, the number of jobs and new vacancies online significantly increased because businesses began to go digital to survive the hard times and not lose customers.

Those who lost their jobs and their usual level of income considered changing careers to one that is more in demand. Many job seekers began to consider a remote work format. In addition, because of the pandemic, many people began to spend more time at home, thereby having constant access to a computer. That is why, unlike other areas, the online education market is actively developing in these difficult times: new online schools are opening, those who used to do only full-time education are moving online, and experienced players are getting stronger. You can also try to browse different job boards in order to learn about available vacancies in education sphere both in your country and abroad. For instance, checking available tutor jobs abroad on Jooble can be a good start if you want to try yourself in this particular profession which gains more popularity year by year.

In a couple of months, anyone can master any trendy direction – for example, mental arithmetic, baby swimming, right-hemispheric drawing, robotics – and start earning. If you’re interested in the field of education but don’t want to be a teacher, take a closer look at new professions in the field. This article is about remote professions for those who love learning and want to work with people.


Any educational organization needs a professional who organizes the work of the office. A small school administrator answers letters and calls, prepares schedules, and runs errands for the superintendent. In other words, the administrator is the one who sets up the services with which an online school works. In addition, the office administrator or manager maintains documentation for each student.

Working in the office of a training center is a smart step in your professional determination if you have not yet decided what to do in the field of education. The administrator sees the learning process from the outside and helps colleagues with organizational and academic matters. Often employers offer employees substantial discounts on company services, so you can not only watch but also master, for example, the profession of a coach or tutor.



To teach everyone who wants it, you need a variety of courses: interactive, engaging, with a clear evaluation system of work and feedback from the teacher. These courses are developed by the teacher-designer: he/she analyses the students’ requests, selects the materials, prepares the information in texts, videos, and assignments, puts it into practice, and evaluates the results.

A more familiar job title for a curriculum developer is methodologist. In contrast, the teacher-designer focuses not only on improving methods but also on the needs of the client.



A course can be developed and run alone, but to make it commercially successful, you need a team of specialists. Such a team is led by a producer: he sees the big picture and assigns tasks to analysts, scriptwriters, marketing experts, methodologists. The producer does not develop a training course or shoot video clips but is responsible for the overall result – the demanded product.

The producer studies the demand and supply of competitors, understands pedagogical design, understands where it is better to advertise, knows how to manage the team in the office and remotely.



When an educational project gets ready to launch, the team recruits student and teacher specialists. The office administrator is able to keep in touch with several clients, but cannot cope with the flow of students. Individual managers are hired and trained to work with students and teachers.

A tutor and a supervisor provide technical and meaningful support to students. A tutor is a person who supports and directs the learning process or the teachers’ work. For example, a tutor makes sure that teachers have everything they need for their work, that they have time to rest, and that they don’t burn out from too much work.



A tutor is a relatively new profession at the intersection of pedagogy, psychology, and human resource management. It helps a student build an individual educational route. Such an individualized approach helps students learn more productively, thus getting good grades without the use of The knowledge of the student and his or her parents is not enough to orient him or her in the spectrum of possibilities: different courses, programs, immersions, and schools. The tutor understands career and educational issues, as well as the student’s interests, challenges, and fears. With this specialist’s support, the student achieves his or her goal, such as getting into the university of choice, going on an internship, or winning a competition.

Tutors help you choose a club, a section, a school, or even a university abroad. They offer training and courses to develop personal qualities and skills.

Due to the increased demand for online education, there are new managerial and pedagogical tasks. They are solved by representatives of professions at the intersection of sciences: tutors, course producers, analysts, managers of educational products. To keep informed about trends in the labor market, check out the vacancies of leading companies and the professional retraining programs of major training centers.


Today, remote work is a familiar and normal activity. It does not always require specialized education and skills, more often it is possible to study online, and this is a big advantage. In most cases, such work gives an opportunity to earn the same amount of money as in the office. However, this solution is more convenient and cost-effective, as you do not have to spend time and money on the road to the place of work. Moreover, you will be able to spend more time with your family and distribute your work time as you like.