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When MS (Master of Science) is in question, there are only a few places around the world that can offer you perfectly excellent education in this, and one of them is Germany. MS in Germany is like a dream come true. Germany, first of all, is an international students’ dream, thanks to the fact that it is actually voted as the best destination to study abroad for international students.

This country not only offers a world-class education, as discussed before but also the happening and exciting life outside school, which encourages a wholesome development of the students. The accepting and co-operative culture that lurks in each and every corner of the country also adds to its favorability.

The Universities that are here, therefore, are one of the best, not only in the country but also in the whole world. This has prompted the development of affordable living, which in turn attracts even more students who are in the wish of making their career as well as their future bright and happy. However, what we are going to focus on here are the Universities that offer MS in Germany. Click here to know more about the universities offering courses on MS in Germany.

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The Universities there – at least the public ones –do not charge any tuition fees for both of their programs, Bachelor’s as well as Masters. The catch here is that if you completed your Bachelor’s degree in one subject, but wish to study something else for your Master’s, only then do you have to pay up the fees. This free tuition system is available to each and every student equally so that no student will feel left out, just because of them belonging to any particular country other than Germany. It is also because of this that many students go there so that they can pursue their degrees, for example, MS in Germany, without any additional tension of funds and from where to procure them.

The Federal State of Baden-Wurttemberg is an exception to this rule, as, by the end of the year 2017, it deemed it fit to reinstate tuition fees of just meager 3,000 EUR a year, for students who have come here outside of Europe. As for the Universities in Germany, more than half of them are public and therefore tuition fees are dropped down; the students only have to pay up for administration fees, which fall somewhere between 100 to 350 EUR per semester. This fee not only takes care of your enrolment formalities but also covers student organization services.

If you, however, wish to pursue your MS in Germany, and your desired college is a private university, instead of a public one, then the tuition fees for the Master’s program will cost you more or less 40,000 EUR per year. As for the public Universities, given below are a handful of Universities that can be said to be functioning without taking any tuition fees from their students-

University of Stuttgart

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The University of Stuttgart is one of the technical-oriented research universities, situated in Stuttgart, Germany. Its sole focus is on sciences – whether technical, physical or even human – and therefore when you think of MS in Germany, then this is one of the Universities is the one for you. It offers MS in many of the sciences, from which students can choose and study. Additionally, it also offers a well-maintained, attractive and interactive campus and campus life, along with recreational activities that students can take advantage of.

University of Mannheim

The University of Mannheim is one of those few who have wavered off their tuition fees for the students. Situated in Mannheim, it has been well-known to send out students with great leadership and management skills. Not only does it offer MS in Germany, but it also offers great courses in some other streams. As for college life, it is much focused on research, which has placed the University in the list of top 20 for higher education in Europe. It gives out proper career guidance as well and has seen to give many of its students’ excellent employment opportunities.

University of Bremen

The University of Bremen is one of Germany’s best universities, and additionally, it also offers MS in Germany; isn’t that great? Northern Germany has this University – situated in Bremen – as its ‘science center’. It offers Master’s programs in not only natural sciences or mathematics but also humanities, thus covering up a lot of ground, enough so that the students are highly attracted to it. It also offers housing services, and other required student services as well. The library of this University is one of the greatest, and also the oldest, academic library in the city. It will be a sound choice for any migrating student.

University of Hamburg

The University of Hamburg is also one of the public universities that don’t believe in charging tuition fees. It can also be said to be the largest institution for research and education, in northern Germany, where it is located. It certainly has most of the MS in Germany programs, ranging from social science and law to medicine and health.

Along with top-notch educational facilities, it is keen on delivering excellent housing, ICT, and medical services, not to forget student services, including extracurricular activities and informative sessions. It promotes an all-rounder development of the student, which is why it also becomes one of the most opted-for Universities by the students, especially ones from outside Europe.

Since Germany is also a much more affordable country than others, one can actually afford to live here without any unbearable burden as well. Other expenditures – such as food and travel – can be covered too; it is actually that cheaper than usual rates. Research your way through the application of the German visa and then start planning and selecting, if you’ve already decided that you want to complete your further studies in Germany, and Germany only. MS in Germany, as you can see, is quite affordable (and certainly a better option than going to other places, such as the US, or even UK for that matter); maybe that is why Germany is voted the most student-friendly country.