So, the day has come when you are finally legal and want to drive on your own? But, you have to face that G1 test before even getting behind the wheel. Completing the training and taking the theoretical part of the driver’s license exam is stressful for everyone. A lot of effort has been invested in driving lessons and learning, so everyone would like to win a sufficient number of points on the tests and pass that step towards permission.

In this article, we will list some of the guidelines on how to properly learn and approach the theoretical part of the exam so that you have more chances to win as many points as possible. And get that license from the first try. Keep reading.

G1 Is Not Complicated

That is, it’s not that big of a deal if you approach it correctly. First-time drivers are very often intimidated by the material covered by this test. Everything seems unfamiliar, even those situations you went through while driving.

However, you should know that the tests contain only what you really need while driving, and that is how you should view testing – as something you need to know and that you may need while driving. Something that will make you a safe participant in the traffic. You will be facing 40 questions, and are expected to answer at least 80% of those correctly.

How to Easily Master the Material and Pass It From the First Try?

1. Stay focused and consult someone if you need to clarify certain things


Theoretical materials and the obligation to go through them are not without reason. Be focused during the studying and you will surely find the matter a lot clearer. You will probably have a number of questions that you will be able to clarify with someone who has already gone through this and that this way will make it much easier for you to learn.

2. Go one step at a time, don’t skip areas

Learn gradually and on time, area by area. This way, you will logically conclude the answers, and not learn “by heart”. When you browse the offered questions that the test contains, you will always feel that you do not know much, but learning with understanding when your moment of taking the test comes will show you that you have learned a lot.

3. Use practice test


In addition to learning the theory, be sure to practice as many examples of G1 tests as you can find. Luckily, so many of these are available for practice, online, that you can literally use them to assess how much have you understood the matter. Also, to improve areas you feel you haven’t comprehended enough. Having everything available on g1practicetest makes learning a lot easier anywhere and at any convenient time. These can be repeatedly done, as many times as you need.

4. Find out how the procedure goes

It will give you great comfort when you know what to expect on the testing day. Since all of your friends who have already obtained a license have gone through the same procedure, make sure you squeeze every bit of information about what it looks like from them. What type of venue are they usually using, how will you fill out your test, what are the rules applying to the testing, how much time do you have, how many questions, what are you allowed to bring with you, and every single thing that will help you feel relaxed, knowing there are minimum surprises.

Also, since the test can be taken in multiple locations, make sure you choose the one most suitable for you.

5. Prepare for the big day


You will surely experience great anxiety and nervousness. It’s just the way things go with these official tests. You will try to go through the material one more time at the last minute. This is normal, it happens to everyone.

Our advice would be to get ready on time, make breakfast obligatory and try to look at the whole situation positively. A little anxiety is desirable, but it must never grow into a paralyzing fear because there is no need for it.

Additionally, It Is Desirable You Stick to These Three Devices:

– Inspiration will not fall from the sky, sit down and learn the material

Whether you will pass the g1 test or not depends only on whether you have learned the material. Prepare to learn, mentally. Set aside a part of the day when you study and stick to that schedule.

– Get rid of your smartphone

If you are disturbed by the sound of notifications, messages, and calls during your studies, there is nothing to learn. You need to focus on the material you are working on in order to master it easily.

– Success is a great motivation

Divide learning into smaller units and materials. Review your knowledge before moving on to the next material. You will feel satisfied with the progress and have a great motivation to continue.

What if I Freak Out?


It’s perfectly fine to experience that you don’t know some questions. Read carefully several times, leave time to think and that should be enough to remember the right answer. Whatever happens, is not the end of the world. If you manage to pass this test on the first try, then you have become a participant in traffic who now has no right to make mistakes, so be responsible and apply what you have learned.

If you happen to not have enough points when taking the exam, do not despair, it happens more often than you think. Update the material until the next exam and you will have better results because the fear will be less present. You’ll know exactly what to expect. Good luck!