If you’re a cryptocurrency holder, it is a must to know about the taxable amount that investors and traders should pay for holding bitcoin or any kind of cryptocurrency. Yes! Even cryptocurrencies are taxable digital assets that were first introduced in 2009.

It is a medium of exchange that has been in existence for more than a decade. In simple words, it can also be called an alternative currency, but this kind of currency cannot be seen directly as it is a digital asset. People can easily purchase goods and services from shops and other retailers that accept cryptocurrencies.

However, it is accepted by many people, the nature of cryptocurrency has made many investors, especially the common people, think a lot about the security and privacy of this platform. Volatility might also affect the invested amount, so one should analyze the pros and cons before investing in the crypto market.

But still, many investors have invested in cryptocurrencies and gained a lot of money. So gaining profits might be easy on this platform if people prefer to learn basic strategies to invest money in cryptocurrencies. Investors who have already gained some profits might doubt the taxable amount for cryptocurrencies, so we have mentioned basic details about the tax amounts to be paid for holding bitcoin. Click here to know more about the cryptocurrency and legal formalities for holding a cryptocurrency.

Tax Details For Holding A Cryptocurrency


Then other years 2024 has become a profitable year for bitcoin miners as half of the Bitcoin investors started investing last year. Due to volatility, some have gained profits, and some people have lost a lot of money, so people should invest in bitcoins after doing thorough research.

So people who invested money in cryptocurrencies last year will be in a situation of paying tax amounts this year, so by knowing the basic idea of taxes, people can easily pay the tax amounts for cryptocurrency that people hold. As cryptocurrency is a digital currency, it can be operated using some smart devices and it can be paid online.

Even though it is not legalized by the Reserve bank of India and other central banks in various countries, the profit amounts gained are taxable. It is also said that income made using any platform is taxable, and investors should check the tax amounts and pay it on time soon after obtaining some profits in cryptocurrencies.

How Are Tax Amounts Calculated For Cryptocurrencies?


It might be a business income or even capital gains from cryptocurrencies; anything is taxable. Frequent transactions might result in business income as transferring funds frequently might become a full-time business.

At the same time, leaving the digital asset in the wallet for long term profits might come under the long term investment plan, and hence the profits amounts for a single transaction might be high, so this kind of investment plan comes under the capital gain as the profit amounts might equal the capital invested amount.

It is also said that the reports of each transaction must be clear and precise to avoid unwanted problems in the future. Everything has to be mentioned in that report, including the purchase date, sale date, profit amounts, and price difference as well. It is also said that these basic details are mandatory to prepare a tax report.

If a person prefers to invest and hold the cryptocurrency for less than 36 months, that is three years; it comes under the short-term investment plan. So the investment amounts or the holdings sold after 36 months can be considered the long-term investment plan, and the investors who prefer to do that might be in a situation of paying 20% of the indexation benefit.

But still, now we have no records for paying tax amounts for a loss scenario, and it is better to consult an expert if investors face a loss scenario in a particular transaction.

How To Report A Crypto Income?


As mentioned earlier, some retailers have already started accepting cryptocurrencies, so if they get paid using cryptocurrencies, then even a small sale is taxable. Sometimes people might receive some cryptocurrencies by doing basic activities, or friends might even gift a part of cryptocurrency to the digital wallet.

The cryptocurrency that people hold in any format is taxable. The cryptocurrencies that people receive from various places are also accountable, so people should make sure to find the right way and pay the taxes according to the law. It is a must to record the value in U.S dollars because the complete system is operated in the form of USD. So soon after receiving the cryptocurrency, it is a must to record U.S dollar values to avoid future problems. Moreover, maintaining a clear accounting report might benefit a user better.

So if people prefer to get cryptocurrencies for the services, then it is a must to record the exact value of the cryptocurrency when they receive the cryptocurrency. So this value has to be recorded as revenue, and the tax amount for that particular revenue has to be paid accordingly.


Now investors must have a clear idea of paying taxes for cryptocurrencies, so it is a must to consult an expert to pay the taxes or find a better way to withstand losses. Moreover, the loss scenario can be avoided by learning a lot and analyzing the market better. Income tax slab rates might differ according to the time period of each investment.

The values of cryptocurrencies will be in USD, and some changes might impact the market according to the daily changes in USD. So an investor who prefers to invest and gain profits in cryptocurrency has to know all the basic details of cryptocurrencies and their related details to act accordingly in critical situations.