Shopping for shoes online is very difficult and tricky. Numerous online shoppers have had bad experiences with shoes. This goes especially for shoes for babies that have accounted for major trouble. The general problem is with the size being wrong. There are even times when the size if right then the quality is no at all good and if both size and quality are perfect, then the design is not as was displayed on the website.

Also, shopping for the appropriate footwear that will keep your feet comfortable and safe on the type of job that you do is essential. Regardless of what work you do, you’ll need something that makes your feet comfortable the whole day and you can consider those that are featured on

The majority of negative reviews are found in the shoe section of many online store websites. The best way to find the perfect pair of shoes is by doing proper homework and avoid common mistakes made when shopping for shoes online. Below I have 10 points that are a must to read and considered before you add a pair of shoes in the shopping cart.

1. Some Brands will always be good

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Check out all the shoes you have with you. There should be a specific brand that has always been good and has always fitted you well. This brand must have always stood out when it comes to design, style and the quality of material used in its production. This is the brad that will most likely be the one to select for your next online shoe shopping. There are many old and as well as new brands selling shoes online.

Trusting any brand is not easy neither reliable. When it comes to a good brand, look for the one that gives you the right price, style, variety, and quality. If you have come across a brand that you did not like, it makes no sense to try the brand again. Get back to the brand that you have always liked.

2. Don’t fall on the cheap-shoes trap

Many online shoe shoppers tend to fall into the trap of low pricing. This is a condition that triggers the moment you see a huge discount on shoes at an online store. Since it is so cheap, many will buy it irrespective of the brand or design. Even if a pair of shoes is cheap, it should meet certain requirements like quality, good design, and size.

This never happens and this cheap pair of shoes is just kept and never worn. To avoid this mistake, simply don’t look at shoes online if you are not planning to buy one. And if you need a new pair of shoes, firstly consider all the important aspects and once you finally have the right selection then an online look at its cost. It’s said cheap is expensive and many of us learn this after repeated mistakes and going for cheap products.

3. New brands need to be researched

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As mentioned above, trusting a new brand is not easy as it first must prove that it is good to get established and accepted in the market. If you want to buy shoes from a new brand, then you need to do a little digging to know the brand more. Find out who owns the brand or the company behind it.

Try to contact them via phone, email or social media. If they are good, the response to written queries should be quick. Also, gather all info on materials used by them to manufacture the shoes. Check out what other customers has to say in the review section online. If you get enough positive information on it, then you can buy from them and give it try.

4. Are your shoes size the same?

Has your shoe size changed? People believe that after a certain age, their feet size remains the same always. This is not true. Your feet might not grow longer but can become wider or thinner depending on the changes in body weight. Keeping this in mind, get the updated size of your feet. The best way to take an accurate measurement is on a flat surface using a ruler. Put your foot on the flat surface and use the ruler to measure starting from the longest toe tip to the end of the heel.

Please note, the longest toe is not always the big or the first toe. Also measure the width of your feet to know if you fall under standard, narrow or wide feet category. Now you have the right measurements, all you need to do is compare it with the grid chart provided by the online store to get the perfect fit.

5. Purpose of the shoes

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Shoes can be used for numerous purposes. Keeping this in mind, you should know the exact use of the shoes. Are you looking for sports shoes or office shoes, is it just a casual pair, the kind of heel and others? The selection must be narrowed down further, like if you are buying casual shoes then you must decide on whether it’s going to flats, boots and more. Many shoppers decide after browsing through the gallery of shoes online and this is when impulsive buying happens. It’s always advisable to first decide on what you want to buy before browsing an online shoe website

6. Be careful while selecting the online store

Many brands of shoes only sell online. This means online stores will have numerous brands of shoes on display. Choosing the right online store is very important. Firstly, they should have a good collection of shoes so that you as a customer will get what you want from the very store without having to move to another online store. The other thing that will play an important role in how appealing the website is, the design, the ease of getting to the category and sub-category, basically how good is the navigation structure of the website. This makes scanning through the gallery of shoes easy.

7. Compare prices at other online stores

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Getting the same brand shoes in more than one store online is very common. You should always compare prices across 2 to 3 other stores to be sure that you are not paying more. Many shoppers assume that the prices of a particular product are the same in all stores, but this is not true. If all online shoppers start to compare prices and then shop, this will surely make online stores compete in pricing strategy which would mean better deals for buyers.

8. Related products might be better

Online stores have a section on the product page that offers other options or similar shoes to the one you have shown interest in. You might get a better design and style from the options in the display. The prices might be cheaper too. Therefore, its always good to have a look at the other options section. This is also termed as related products on some websites.

9. Know the shipping charges and the return policies

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Some sellers will have a low shipping cost, and some will have very high exorbitant shipping charges. Always check the final amount that you will be paying for the shoes, which includes the shipping charges. You might see that a pair of shoes cost less in a store but with shipping, you pay more than what you will pay from another store where it was listed a bit more. Online stores will always try to keep buyers happy by either pricing the product low and making up for it in the shipping cost or vice versa.

Check the return policies properly. Will you be able to return the shoes if it does not fit properly? What happens if the shoes delivered was damaged or not what you had ordered? Some online stores are very flexible and will allow or replace or refund the full amount while some will just replace and not allow a refund. You should know within how many days of product delivery will you be allowed to return the shoes. Every point in the return policies must be read understood.

10. Shop with offers and discount deals

Why pay more when you can take advantage of online offers, deals, and coupons? Clearance sales, deals, and coupons are very common for every online store. While shopping shop for shoes at reputed online stores like, you can visit here to get the latest coupons. Apart from coupons and deals, you should try to buy shoes after the holiday season as this too will help you save some money.

After reading the above 10 points, I am sure you will be able to make the right choice of shoes. You must have understood how you have been buying cheap shoes that are still not worn. How you have been paying high shipping charges and even bought shoes when it was never really required. I am sure you must have related to many points that have actually happened with you.