There is no denial in the fact that there is so much competition in table tennis sports. A person who wants to become a professional player needs to put all his sweat and hard work into practicing it. Generally, people hire experienced coaches to train them through long sessions, but not everyone can afford to hire a coach. If that is the case with you, then you probably have landed in the right place.

Many people believe that tennis can be played between two people only. However, it is not true because you can even practice it when you are alone. It is not necessary to have a companion to play with you always, and in that case, you need to learn how you can practice playing table tennis alone. This article will share some fantastic tips that can help you play alone when you don’t have any companions with you.

Table tennis involves various techniques, and to learn those techniques, and you need to take time out of your daily routine and practice it every day. If you want to reach the heights of this game, then rehearse it daily, no matter if you are alone or have someone to play with you. Check out if you want to purchase new ping-pong paddles to enhance your gameplay level.


1. Learn about the rules and regulations of the sport:


Many players begin their rehearsals without even knowing the rules of the game. This is not the right approach. Whenever you are going to start your practice sessions, make sure that you have correctly gained knowledge about the rules and regulations of the game. Otherwise, in the actual play, you will end up losing many points without even actually knowing why.

2. Play using the playback position:


The first option for you to practice alone is to fold half a portion of the table to create a wall that supports your hit. In simpler terms, this method is known as the playback position. It is not one of the best ways to play alone, but it’s perfect for you if it serves your purpose. Keep in mind that you won’t get any spin shots to hit back as there is no one to give you spin shots.

3. Get a return board for your solo rehearsals:


If you do not want to use the option mentioned above, here is another similar and better option for you. Purchase a return board instead of folding half of the tennis table. It is a unique board where you can hit the ball, bounce back to you. It is one of the best methods if a person is looking forward to enhancing his skills while researching alone at his home. There are varieties of return boards available in the market, so you can quickly get them.

Even if a person is not willing to purchase a return board, there are many videos available online to teach you how to make a DIY return board. This is a budget-friendly option and an excellent option for beginner players. The price of the returned board is around 250 dollars, but you can cut down on this expense by trying to get a handmade return board.

4. Practising with robots:


Table tennis robots are gaining a lot of popularity these days, especially amongst the players who like to play solo at their convenience. Robots are beneficial devices that can help people learn various new techniques and strategies even if they are rehearsing solo. You can even say that it is a perfect contrast for a human companion. All you have to do is to set a timer in it for every few seconds so that they can respond to your hits just like any other opponent.

The unfortunate part of this method is that it can be costly for some people. To get good quality and high-end robots, you will require a budget of at least 2000 dollars, which is not a small amount. However, if money is not a significant matter for you, you can consider this the best model to boost your playing skills. It is a perfect way to get an opponent to play who can respond to your hits.

5. Watching videos related to table tennis online:


If you watch informative recordings about table tennis, you can improve your strategies and skill set. You can find various videos available for free on the YouTube platform. A person can also buy multiple informational content videos related to table tennis from online websites. When you watch specialists play, you become familiar with new methods, just as you imagine the strokes. This is incredibly awesome in case you are exhausted. In case a person wants to analyze his progression, then this is the best method.

6. Don’t forget to pay attention to your health and body:


There is no denial that table tennis is a demanding sport. You are constantly needed to keep moving, and if you can’t, it ordinarily suggests that you will lose. Your procedure and consistency are a higher priority than your wellness during the underlying phases of play. As you progress, actual health winds up being something that should be taken a gander at on the rundown of achievement.

Most of the time, you will find that your opponent has got various new techniques and takes care of his fitness as well as anything else. Therefore, we always suggest players keep moving or do exercise to make themselves fit for better play. Taking care of your health is an integral part of the rehearsals only.


Whether you have a coach to train you or not, it should not affect your gameplay. It is not necessary to have a companion always. Therefore, you have to learn some techniques that keep you going even when you have to practice alone. Check out the above points that will surely help you in this journey.