Atlanta premises liability lawyers could help victims recover compensation for their injuries. Georgia law states that landowners owe visitors a duty to exercise reasonable care to keep their properties free of foreseeable dangers.

Injuries related to property conditions are often preventable. An experienced Atlanta premises liability lawyer can help you prove that the property owner breached this duty, directly causing your injury and damages.

Compensation for Injuries

When victims suffer injuries on other people’s property in Atlanta, they may recover compensation to cover a variety of expenses. These include medical bills for things like emergency room visits, surgery, x-rays, doctors’ appointments, and prescription drugs. It also includes costs for physical therapy and other rehabilitation treatments.

Victims can also recover damages for lost wages if they are injured while at work. In addition, the victim’s attorney can seek compensation for pain and suffering caused by the injury.

To win a premises liability claim, the injured party must be able to prove that the property owner owed them a duty of care. This element can be difficult to establish in a case involving trespassers, for example. In those cases, it must be shown that the property owner knew or should have known about the dangerous condition that led to the accident.

Medical Expenses


If the injury you suffered resulted in medical bills or required ongoing care, you may be able to recover those expenses through your premises liability claim. You can also seek compensation for any income you missed out on while recovering and any future medical expenses that are projected to arise due to your injuries.

A highly experienced Atlanta premises liability lawyer can help you pursue all damages available to you. They will work with expert medical consultants to explain your injuries and how they occurred. This will allow a jury to better understand your situation and the impact it has had on you.

There are a variety of physical hazards that can lead to an accident on someone else’s property, from falling merchandise at a retail store to leaking air conditioning units that create slippery walkways. It is important to have an experienced Atlanta premises liability attorney fighting for you to ensure you are awarded full compensation for your damages.

Pain and Suffering

In a personal injury case, pain and suffering is a catch-all term for the physical and emotional effects of an accident. It goes beyond medical bills and lost wages and includes things like loss of daily function, anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, depression, and more.

Under Georgia law, property owners have a duty to maintain their properties in reasonably safe conditions for people who visit them. This duty applies whether the person visiting is a customer, social guest, employee, delivery or salesperson, or trespasser.

If a property owner breaches this duty and an accident occurs, they may be liable for the resulting costs. An Atlanta premises liability attorney can help victims of unsafe or dangerous property pursue compensation. A negligent security claim could cover medical expenses, lost income, and physical and emotional suffering. In some cases, it could also include wrongful death damages. These claims require careful consideration to ensure the best possible outcome.

Lost Wages


The losses suffered in a premises liability case can be extremely devastating. Victims may suffer from medical expenses, lost wages while unable to work, and other economic and noneconomic damages.

A knowledgeable Atlanta premises liability lawyer can review the facts of your claim and determine if you are eligible to receive compensation for your injuries. A successful claim will provide restitution for all your past and future losses, including lost income, commissions, benefits, promotions, and other intangible damages such as pain and suffering.

Property owners have a duty to maintain their properties in reasonably safe condition for visitors, guests, patrons, and residents. They also have a duty to provide adequate security on their property if they know or should have known that criminal activity might occur there.

Contacting a skilled and experienced Atlanta premises liability lawyer is essential to recovering compensation for injuries suffered on another person’s property. You can discuss your case and its value during a free consultation with an attorney.