Plastic is our friend on many occasions. It is our planet’s enemy on a  few occasions too. It is a hard-fought battle to lead practical lives and look after our environment. It can’t always be done. But, when it comes to plastic bottles and disposing of them, all of us can make a difference.

Thanks to various recycling programs people all over the world are doing wonders with what’s seen as waste. You are probably aware that today, thanks to recycling, there are various products out there made out of recycled materials.

That’s right. People all over the world have found ways to turn trash into treasure. You don’t have to be one of those people, but even buying recycled products can make a difference.

There is no better way to save our planet than to make small daily efforts. By buying products made out of recycled plastic bottles you’re helping the industry evolve which in return will recycle more plastic waste. You get the logic, right? All that is left is to find out which products are made out of recycled plastic bottles. We’re going to help with that. Take a look at these six innovative products made from recycled plastic bottles.

1. Sportswear

When you’re buying clothes for sports or training everyone will always suggest that you go with breathable and natural fabrics. So, according to that, you’d never put clothes made out of recycled plastic into that mix. You probably wouldn’t, and you’d be wrong. Many sports brands all over the world take pride in making clothes out of recycled plastic. You probably think that quality is compromised.

It’s not. It’s the opposite. Companies that provide products out of recycled plastic, or plastic bottles do their work on an amazing level. You simply can’t feel the difference. But, you can make it. The next time you’re shopping for workout clothes make sure that you buy the ones made out of recycled goods. You won’t regret it. If you can’t decide which brand or company to test, let us suggest

2. Animal Collars


One of the reasons why we should take more care of our plastic waste is our seas, oceans, and maritime life. As you probably know most plastic waste ends up in oceans, seas, and rivers. So, if you have a pet, and love animals, how about we take whales and sharks into consideration? A few companies got this fabulous idea. They are manufacturing animal collars out of reused plastic.  Now, that’s a great idea.

If you have a pet that needs a collar, how about buying one made out of recycled plastic bottles? You’ll be killing a couple of flies with one hit. First of all, you’ll be pulling plastic out of the ocean, helping the right cause, aiding the industry to grow, and having a nice fitting collar for your adorable pet. What else can we ask for? Not much.

3. Mats and Rugs

You know how they say – every change starts with yourself. Do you want to change the world? Do you want to help the environment? Start with your own house. That’s the best place to start for any massive change. Every great idea was born in a bedroom, or bathroom while you’re sitting on the toilet. Hell, some might have been born in living rooms. But, let’s look under the rug, shall we? That’s a pun and it’s intended. All of the houses and rooms and bathrooms have a few things in common.

We’re talking about mats and rugs. So, if you want to see more plastic recycled, more animals helped, and a better-looking environment you should look for recycled products next time when you’re shopping for mats and rugs. You wouldn’t believe the difference you’d make for our entire planet if you start equipping your home with recycled mats and rugs. Now, whoever came up with that idea is a genius.

4. Shoes and Sneakers


Where there’s activewear there are shoes and sneakers to follow.  The best part about the process of recycling plastic and other materials is that it is a never-ending circle. Shoes and sneakers are expendable. There isn’t a pair that will last forever. So we are always on a path to shop for more and better shoes.

Everyone needs them. The climate and social norms do not allow us to walk barefoot. So, you already know what’s to be done. When you’re buying shoes or sneakers the next time, don’t look at the brand or design. Ensure that you’re buying one made out of recycled goods. It’s a win-win. Many companies are following this pattern as we speak.

5. Furniture

That’s right. Even furniture can be made out of recycled materials. That is one of the biggest victories nature had over humans, and we helped. Do you know how many trees get cut down to provide furniture each year? It is a huge number. We’re talking billions. Most trees are cut for paper and furniture. That’s sad.  It doesn’t have to be like that. The difference was never easier to make.

Today you can find any piece of furniture that is made of recycled goods. Now, we can recycle wood too, but not in the classic way. So to avoid having wood for the recycling process the best would be to turn ourselves to alternatives. In terms of furniture, recycled plastic bottles can be turned into sofas, chairs, tables, bed frames, and everything in between. Just give it a thought.


6. Plastic Bins and Containers

Plastic is a material that is created every day. It is a large industry in many parts of the planet. These companies will argue that they look after the environment during their manufacturing process, and they probably do. But what happens when their products, plastic bins, and containers, reach their expiration date? Well, they should be recycled, and we should take more and more care that it happens.

Furthermore, these companies are starting to make their products from recycled material that wasn’t used in the same department before. Today, you can buy bins and containers that are remade out of recycled plastic. It is an idea both the manufacturers and the buyers should follow. It is easier to do so now than it was ever before.