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Smartphones became unskippable parts of our everyday life. Indeed, mobile phones were popular before as well. However, now we can use them for different purposes. We do not want to say that being addicted to a smartphone is a good thing. These items should only serve to make our lives easier.

However, it seems that people do not understand very well how to use them in the best possible way. People use them only for three different things. Logically, the first one is communication. After that, they use it for social media. Finally, we are making many photos that we usually share on our social media.

Indeed, social media networks are a great tool for many things. They are not only good for chatting with friends. It can also be a good tool for job chasing and career improvement. Because of that, many people have Facebook, and the Instagram app installed on their smartphone.

But, why would we limit only on those things? Many other apps can even improve the way of how we live. Because of that, we want to analyze and suggest some programs that Android users should have in 2024.

Android Emulators

We do not even have to look at statistics. Many people around you probably play a game on their Android device. However, playing games there sometimes can be tough. For instance, people mostly complain about the size of the screen. It is too small and some games require fast reacting. Because of that, they would want to start playing those games with a keyboard and mouse.

However, what if the game does not have a PC version? In that case, Android emulators are the right choice. Together with these programs, you can play any game on your PC device. Because of that, we recommend you visit ldplayer to see how things work.


How many times has happened that the weather messed up your plans? This scenario usually happens during the spring and autumn. These parts of the years are changeable. The morning can be sunny, but noon can be rainy. Because of that, you truly need a reliable source that will give you the right information.

1Weather is one of the apps that can help you organize your time. The design of the app is simple and its design is attractive. You will have the chance to see the current weather, but you will also have a forecast for up to 12 weeks. Despite that, you will have the radar and many other engaging stats.

Despite that, there is one cool thing that this app brings. You will have the chance to get a notification when the storm is approaching.

The app is free, but the premium version also exists. The difference is that you will have to deal with ads with the free version. However, we assume this is not a big problem.


Security always needs to be your main priority. Because of that, having a security app is a necessity. Currently, this app lets you grant temporary permissions to applications. For instance, let’s imagine that you want to let Facebook access your location long enough to check into a place. Well, this app disables the permission immediately after you leave your Facebook account. You can get benefits for all the social media networks that you use.

LastPass Password Manager

Keeping your privacy in today’s world is a tough challenge. Because of that, remembering all the passwords that we use is tough. Despite that, saving them to our device also needs to be done securely. Well, securely saving your login credentials is possible with this app.

LastPass Password Manager helps you generate nearly impossible passwords. All the passwords that you add are controlled by the master password. Without that, no one will have the chance to access your accounts. Despite that, the good thing is that this app features cross-platform support. In other words, you can use it on different devices such as tablets, computers, and others.

Logically, you do not have to focus only on this security app. There are many alternatives to this one. However, having this sort of apps is a must-do thing.

Podcast Addict

We assume that the name of the app says the full story. We are sure that podcast lovers will enjoy using it. Believe it or not, this app features almost every podcast you can imagine. Despite that, it has an effective and very easy-to-use UI, a lot of organizational features, etc. Additionally, you can expect a lot of playback and download features that are making this app even more useful.

The users will have the chance to browse by category. However, you can also search for them individually. However, this is not the only option that you have. You can also set some download rules and create playlists. Both things are equally simple and you won’t have to be a genius to realize how to accomplish them.


This is one of the best third-party keyboards in the Play Store that will make your life easier. Indeed, it is not a new app. It attracts a lot of people in the last couple of years. We do not want to hide; in the beginning, this app was a lot different than today. However, thanks to some useful updates, it became competitive on the market.

Anyway, downloading this app for free is available to all the users. However, you will need to invest a small amount of money to buy some additional themes. Logically, there are also free ones that are good.

It has different features. First of all, it includes a dedicated number row. besides that, it also has a SwiftKey Flow feature that allows different things to users. For instance, it allows you gesture typing, multiple language support, cross-device syncing of your library, etc.


This is an app perfect for those that are struggling to organize their time. You will have the chance to set reminders, push notifications, etc. The even better feature is that this app allows you to share tasks and entire categories with other people. We assume that many entrepreneurs will be satisfied with its features.