Pulsz Casino extends its virtual doors to gaming enthusiasts with a distinct sweepstakes model, generously showering new participants with 5,000 complimentary gold coins upon registration and an enticing 200% extra gold coin(s) on their initial purchase. Specifically catering to the U.S. players aged 18 and above, except for those in Idaho, Washington, and Nevada, it operates under the helm of Yellow Social Interactive, a Gibraltar-based company also responsible for OnlineLotto, a renowned promotional sweepstake casino.

This establishment curates an experience where players, irrespective of their geographical position within the permitted states of the US, can dive into a myriad of games without the necessity of financial investment or a specific Pulsz casino promo code. Simply select from an assortment of free-to-play games, which include slots, varied table games, and captivating progressive jackpots, deploying a part of the 5,000 gold coin(s) or alternatively, 2.3 Free Sweeps coins for entry.

For those desiring to elevate their gameplay with additional coin purchases, the “Get Coins” button directs to the store, offering a variety of purchase options ranging from a mere $1.99 to a substantial $99.99.

What is Pulsz Casino?

Pulsz Casino cleverly intertwines the conventional online casino experience with a distinctive social gaming aura. The pivotal difference pivots around the use of gold coin(s) as opposed to traditional cash. These sweeps coins carry no tangible value and serve exclusively for in-casino play. Players can delve into the gameplay with the initial 5,000 coins, or enhance their stakes by purchasing more from the store, yielding GC as winnings instead of real currency upon game victories.

Welcome Bonus at Pulsz Casino


With open arms, Pulsz Casino welcomes newcomers with a substantial 5,000 gold coin(s) immediately upon registration at, granting them the freedom to explore any game within their whims and fancies free of charge. A further 200% bonus awaits on the first real-money purchase of GC. To illustrate, a $1.99 purchase typically secures 938 coins, but with the bonus, it blossoms to 2,814 coins, accompanied by 18 VIP points. Additionally, the Pulsz daily login bonus faithfully awards players with 1 free SC for each consecutive day they log in.

Navigating Through Pulsz’s VIP Scheme

While Pulsz Casino’s ongoing bonuses and promotions may seem limited, they offset this with an alluring VIP rewards program, encompassing 6 distinctive levels that players ascend through coin purchases, gameplay, and upward levelling, without the necessity of a Pulsz promo code. Beginning at the Bronze level upon registration, players can aspire towards the pinnacle, which is the Royal Diamond Level, earning VIP points and additional coins with each transaction, thereby enhancing their gaming journey.

Here’s a breakdown of the levels:

  • Bronze: 1x coins + 1x VIP Points
  • Silver: 1.5x coins + 2x VIP Points
  • Gold: 2.5x coins + 3x VIP Points
  • Platinum: 4x coins + 4x VIP Points
  • Diamond: 7x coins + 5x VIP Points
  • Royal Diamond: 10x coins + 6x VIP Points

Moreover, players can immerse themselves in free weekly promotions by aligning with Pulsz Casino on social platforms such as Facebook and Instagram.

Crafting Your Pulsz Casino Account


Establishing a Pulsz Casino account unfolds with simplicity and is available to US players above the age of 18, excluding residents of Idaho, Washington, and Nevada. If eligible, prospective players can forge their virtual identity using the following steps:

  1. Venture to
  2. Locate and click the “Register” button, poised at the top right corner of the homepage.
  3. A variety of registration pathways will be presented for your selection.
  4. If opting for Google/Facebook and being logged in, verification and account creation are instantaneous, followed by the crediting of 5,000 free GC.
  5. Alternatively, utilizing the email option requires detail submission and a link will be dispatched to your inbox.

Activate your account by clicking the link, facilitating the creation of your account and the allocation of the 5,000 free gold coin(s) without the need for a Pulsz promo code.

Remember that identity verification is required to purchase gold coin(s) at Pulsz, and the details of this process will be shared upon registration, promising not to be overly tedious.

Engaging in Casino Games at Pulsz

Pulsz Casino warmly invites you to a vibrant social casino environment, crafting a delightful space that mirrors the offerings at a conventional online casino yet fosters a sociable ambiance. Although it’s commonplace for the games roster at such casinos to be somewhat more limited than their traditional counterparts, Pulsz Casino admirably houses a selection of over 200 engaging games, ensuring a broad spectrum for exploration and enjoyment.

A paramount advantage of embarking on a gaming journey with social casinos like Pulsz Casino lies in the freedom to delve into any of the available games entirely free of charge. A plentiful array of games awaits, meticulously organised into various categories and sub-categories, with principal sections being labeled Pulsz Slots and Table Games. Engaging in play and elevating your Pulsz level unlocks access to additional gaming titles.

Slot enthusiasts will discover a robust selection within the platform, offering 600 + Pulsz slots from which to select. A sampling of the vibrant titles includes:

  • Gates of Olympus
  • Hot Triple Sevens
  • Day of Dead
  • Wild West Duel
  • Moon Sisters
  • Lost Relics

To facilitate an effortless navigation, free slot games are further categorised into accessible sub-sections such as Megaways, Progressive Jackpots, Hold and Win, Epic Wins, Top Games, and New Games.

Conversely, the Table Games compartment is relatively compact, hosting a selection of five games which encompass:

  • American Roulette 3D
  • Blackjack
  • Baccarat 777
  • Blackjack Lucky Sevens
  • Texas Holdem Poker

While live dealer games are absent from the platform, the ample existing offerings should provide substantial entertainment and engaging experiences. Plus, with all games being available for free play at Pulsz, your adventure comes with no financial risk and ample opportunities for fun and rewards! Notably, Pulsz Bingo has recently debuted, presenting players with the chance to engage in lively competitions and vie for cash prizes.

Customer Support


Should you encounter any difficulties while navigating Pulsz Casino, a variety of assistance channels are readily available to offer support. The options available to you include:

Live Chat: Engage with support via the live chat by clicking on the chat icon located at the lower right of your screen, which will direct you to an automated chatbot.

Web Form: Should the chatbot be unable to resolve your issue, you’ll be guided to a web form where you can detail your concern and request interaction with a customer service professional.

  • Email Support: Reach out to the support team by forwarding your inquiries to [email protected], which serves as an effective method to find assistance from Yellow Social Interactive Limited.
  • Telephone Assistance: Dial +1 (424) 371-7304 for direct help over the phone.
  • Social Media Interaction: Alternatively, you may opt to contact the support team through their Instagram and Facebook pages for assistance.

It’s worth noting that there have been instances where users experienced extended response times across various support channels. Moreover, based on our encounters, the chatbot often could not facilitate immediate resolutions and predominantly redirected users to a web form. This approach can potentially entail a wait of 24 hours or possibly more to receive a response, which might be considered time-intensive for some users.


Pulsz Casino presents a vibrant and interactive online gaming experience that brilliantly fuses traditional casino play with a lively social gaming environment. With an array of over 600 slot games and a selection of table games, players are provided with a broad spectrum for exploration, all while enjoying the sociable nuances of this platform. Generously welcoming players with a whopping 5,000 gold coins and an additional 200% bonus on initial purchases, Pulsz ensures a riveting start for newcomers.

Furthermore, the implementation of an enticing VIP rewards program and the launch of new gaming facets, like Pulsz Bingo, enrich the gaming journey, ensuring both novice and seasoned players can immerse themselves in an adventurous casino expedition. Though the customer support channels might benefit from enhancement in terms of response times, the overall essence of Pulsz Casino holds a promising allure for gaming enthusiasts navigating its virtual premises. With a myriad of games, bountiful bonuses, and a uniquely social playing field, Pulsz Casino surely carves out a distinctive niche in the online casino landscape.