Repairing a car isn’t an easy task. If you tried, then you know it. It is not only that people don’t know how to fix their car; it’s also that they don’t know which art they need and where to get them. Many of us are used to only take the car to the mechanic, without asking too many questions to anyone. But, many car issues can be handled by yourself if you know which parts do you need and where to find them. One of the best ways to get your hands on cheap but quality spare parts is to salvage them from a junkyard. This can be done with ease if you rely on us to help you. You don’t even need to ask; we’re more than happy to help you. This is why we are writing this article. Let’s go together through our list of five tips for finding quality replacement car parts at a junkyard. We see these tips very helpful, and we hope you’ll find them too, after reading our text. Let’s start!

Buy From Pros


This is always the best route to go. There are many junkyards that are operated by professionals. If you opt to buy car parts from them, you’ll see by yourself that it has many advantages to it. If you look into the type of junkyards out there, you’ll see that there are many who only serve to keep the vehicles that are no longer usable. These cars are often stripped of most usable parts, and you can’t get anything off them. It is because of this that you need to find the ones which are operated by professionals. Finds them, and you’ll probably be able to get the parts you need. Even if not, you’ll at least be told what components they have and which they do not. The best part is that they even often offer a warranty for their parts, which is a huge plus.

Surf The Online Inventories


Yes, there are those, and it can be done. If you follow our first tip and choose to only look for junkyards run by professionals, you’ll be able to find the parts you need online. Many places that sell car parts can be found on the web. There’s no harm in checking out their websites. This should be your imperative, as there’s no need to go there personally if they do not have the parts you need. These are the times we live in, and why not take all advantage of it while we can. Once you’re assured that the components you need can be found at a particular place, then it is time to go there in person.

Be Your Own Mechanic


When we say this, we are more talking about the tools you might need. Do not rely on the people from the junkyard to help you with everything. Come prepared to face all challenges, and the best way to do it is to bring your own tools. This is essential because of one fact we already mentioned – the types of junkyards.

There are two most common types, and they’re those that have parts already taken from the vehicles and others that didn’t do this. When searching for high-quality performance parts, including those hard-to-find items, trust Southwest Performance Parts to provide you with the products and expertise you need to get the job done right

Don’t go Alone


We don’t mean this as anything threatening. It’s just that you are going to need help. If the route you choose is to aim for cheaper parts but use your workforce and tools, you might think about additional assistance. Some of the features might be too heavy to remove on your own or too complicated to handle alone. Two brains and four hands can take on any task more straightforward, and you should have a helping hand in your consideration. Another reason is that even if prove to be a suitable buyer for the junkyards, they won’t have anyone at the location to aid you. They count on you to do all the work so that you might count on yourself and a friend.

Be Safe


We’re not talking only about you, but about everyone involved. Junkyards don’t want to be responsible for you, so you need to take good care of your safety. Most of them have a set of strict rules once you’re on their ground. Before going there, you need to be aware of all and any limitations they might impose on visitors. These rules can be found on their websites, so there’s no justification for you not to be aware of them. If you fail to do this beforehand, then you can find them at the entrance. There, you can’t miss them. It could be your downfall if you don’t know or ignore the rules as junkyards take them seriously, and they could quickly evict you from their property if you are not obeying them. Don’t be a safety hazard, please.


We all know why you want to go to a junkyard – to get the spare parts you need at a bargain price. But, not all of this is roses, and you need to pay attention to details. Make sure you know all about the costs before you go, make sure you’re cooperating with professionals, learn their rules, bring help and the needed tools, and of course, that they have what you need. Luckily for you, we already explained all of this in detail above. All that is left for you is to go to a junkyard. is the right place to start as any.