Rachel McAdams was given birth to in the year 1978 17th November in the city of London (Ontario, Canada). In the year 2004 she appeared in “The hot chick and Mean Girls” portraying the character of a young bitchy queen. It was her performance that provided her with much popularity in the US.

She is mostly remembered for playing aggressive roles in movies both she happened to take a more romantic and loving roles in both movies “wedding crashers and The Notebook”. The actress originality in portraying different characters in movies has seen her become very popular regardless of her appearance as a blonde or as brunette.

rachael mcadams bio

Aside from her acting prowess on screen, she has also shown in recent times that she has the same off screen character after been involved with romantic issues with fellow actors Ryan Gosling and others. Rachel McAdams possesses a calculated net worth of $14 million. Fans of the actress still enjoy her different roles in movies and she appeared in both series of the Sherlock homes (the sequels and game of shadows).

Her off screen performance have continued to wow fans and her originality has also proved adorable.

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rachael mcadams net worth


  • Canadian

Date of Birth

  • 17th November 1978

Place of Birth

  • London, Canada


  • 41


  • Actress


  • 54 kg


  • 164 cm


rachael mcadams career

Net Worth

  • $14 million

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