The Vaping Industry has caught on with the latest trends and technologies and is currently growing at a stupendous rate. With their initial pitch as an alternative to smoking, vapes have risen above their initial popularity and constitute a major part of society today. With their fast-tracked success, we have seen a rise in vape juices over the years, more advanced and expensive devices, and a more elevated and immersive experience. Aside from vaping, there is also another alternative which is the heatsticks. Nioo just released their herbal heatsticks in the market. It contains Nioo granulates, filter tips, and a food-grade silicone cooler, wrapped with food-grade paper. As the vape world keeps on expanding, there is a constant question of why do people vape? It is because of its aesthetics, or is it simply because it helps to cut down on nicotine? Or has it become a social convention?

In this article, we explore the different reasons why people start vaping and what keeps them hanging in the same domain.

1. Alternative to Smoking


Not every smoker will shift to vaping, but we have statistics that speak about the wide range of smokers opting for vaping as an alternative to the habit. It has been a well-established fact for a decade now that e-cigarettes are actually healthier than smoking. However, that doesn’t motivate every smoker out there to jump into the vaping circle. According to a survey carried out by the Public Health England (PHE), there have been nearly 20,000 quitters every year. By 2017, the National Health Interview Survey (NHIS) noted that the percentage of smokers was driven down to only 14%. In the next year, we notice almost 3 million vapers in Britain alone with 1.9 million regular vapers in the USA.

Some of the reasons why smokers who are trying to quit smoking, find vaping an attractive option, is because of the ingrained ‘hand to mouth’ action involved with vapes. No nicotine patch or chewing gum can replace the sense of moving your hand towards your mouth to take a drag, a very habitual activity in most smokers.

Another very alluring reason for smokers to shift to vapes is the social acceptance of the latter. While smoking is generally very frowned upon in public and is even banned in many areas, vapers are generally not looked down upon. Passive smoke from a vape is not considered harmful and takes much of the taboo away that is associated with smoking.

It’s not that if you are a smoker, you will switch to vaping. However, most habitual vapers are ex-smokers. When searching for top-tier ecigs and juice, the best options can often be found at reputable vape shops or well-regarded online retailers.

2. Economical Option


If you’ve ever been a smoker, you know that it is an expensive habit, not to mention unhealthy. While many smokers quit to cut down on nicotine, some of them also do it for monetary purposes. Vaping is not only more delectable than smoking but is also very cheap.

Vaping involves the initial investment of a device and regular investment of vape juices. However, as a beginner, you can opt for slightly cheaper vape kits that last for a long time, before moving on to more professional equipment. However, the price difference and economical cost only work when you’re not indulging in chain vaping.

In the long run, vaping proves to be extremely cheap when compared to regular cigarettes. If you smoke an average of 20 cigarettes a day, it will cost you around £3,800 (or $4,950). However, with e-cigarettes and vape juice bottles, your annual cost would, at the most, be around £274 ($356). You can do the math to find the starking difference in the price.

3. For Variety and Flavours


One of the most concrete reasons why people shift to vaping is because of the variety it offers right from its kits and equipment to the flavours. You can opt for an economical kit for around 12-13 dollars, and then upgrade to the more technologically advanced ones with multiple configurations at a higher price. The slow and gradual understanding of vaping devices really enhances the entire experience and brings about a very diverse and ever-evolving vaping technique.

When it comes to flavours, nothing can beat the multiple flavours offered by various e-liquid brands all over the world. From the sweet ones to the more powerful ones, the variety offered is astonishing. You can get your hands on the usual fruity flavours like banana, strawberries to the more exotic ones like caramel popcorn, berry burst, and much more. There are some very interesting blends which include cola, cheesecake, black tea, and much more.

These flavours just keep growing every day and it is no surprise that the vaper family is increasing each day. If you’re looking for a complete collection of e-liquids, visit here.

4. Medical Reasons


One of the reasons why people opt for vapes is for the medical benefits, it offers sans the issues involved with smoking. Where it is legal, vaping marijuana has many benefits including joint pain relief, migraine pain, post-chemotherapy soothing, mental health help, etc. In fact, the use of medical marijuana e-cigarettes is considered a better option than non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) or morphine.

Medical Marijuana is also used to treat severe chronic pain, alleviate anxiety and mood, and brings about a welcome distraction from many medical and mental issues.

5. De-stress and Socializing


We will just go ahead and say it – Modern Life is stressful. It has its bouts of news, constant social media interaction, competition at work, the need to do better in life, and so much more, that an average human being ends up feeling like a burned-out cigarette. It is important in today’s time and era to take out a few hours in a week for some me-time or de-stressing. While you’re at the edge of the uncomfortable seat in life, activities like yoga, reading, climbing, trekking, running, etc become a very attractive option. With the recent advent of vapes, it has been added to the list of relaxing activities, with vaping lounge gaining a lot of popularity. For a minute, it is only your device, the thrill of cloud smoke, and the other world ceases to exist.

If you’re worried about the nicotine content in e-juices, there are many options with minimal nicotine content or simply zero. You can opt for a lovely, relaxing flavour and be on the go.

Now that it is clear that Vaping is a de-stressing activity, it is obvious that it will find itself amidst many social events. Being a noob or a professional vaper automatically makes you a part of the inner circle, allowing you to chat, discuss and learn about the world of e-cigarettes & the experiences involved. That being said, while vapes are great for socializing, it is not a great idea to start with it just because everyone else is. Not to mention, there is a pretty quirky saying which goes like ‘Couples who vape together, stay together.

6. The thrill of cloud-chasing


There is a reason why it is called thrill because, at the core of vaping, vapour plays an important role in determining the overall fun of the activity. Imagine inhaling from your vape device, only to exhale a tiny amount of vape. Doesn’t seem very tempting, does it? That is why vapers, once they pass through the beginner’s age research and invest in vaping devices that generate some very huge clouds of vapour.

With the advent of low resistance coils, special e-liquids, modern vape devices and so much more, the concept of cloud chasing has become more real and enjoyable. Once you’ve been indulging in it, you would realize how the thrill of cloud chasing takes you to a whole new level of vaping. In fact, many vaping clubs and pubs have regular events and competitions about cloud chasing.

It’s not just a hobby, but a proper sport, and it becomes one of the reasons why people want to hop on the vape boat.