There is a common misconception that using adult toys will never benefit you in any way and if anything, only brings negative effects to your mental health. It’s often considered taboo and can be associated with promiscuity and addiction. These have been around for decades, but it wasn’t until recently where people started opening up and realizing how beneficial these playthings can be if used correctly. While some believe that using these items will lead to loneliness or depression, this couldn’t be further from the truth as many people testify that they use such products to improve their overall well-being.

However, having adult toys at home has been scientifically proven to have major benefits for the physical, emotional, social, and even financial aspects of our lives.

Here are the top 7 reasons why toys are actually good for mental health:

1. They help reduce anxiety


Anxiety is known to be one of the most common types of psychiatric disorders, causing people to feel an extreme sense of worry over situations. According to recent studies, the use of adult toys provides significant relaxation, which is because the act of masturbating releases endorphins. Endorphins are chemicals that help keep you calm by emitting “happy hormones” like serotonin and dopamine.

This effect helps reduce anxiety levels because it calms you during stressful situations.

2. Adult toys help improve relationships


They can spice up your love life and bring excitement into the bedroom. While many couples may think that bringing toys into their relationship might just ruin it, studies have shown that incorporating these products can really improve relations and bring closeness.

One way that adult toys benefit mental health is through improving your relationships with others. According to research, women who used adult toys while playing with themselves were able to become more comfortable with their inner workings, allowing them to feel more open about relations with their partners. Many couples consider using dolls like the ones at or vibrators together as a bonding experience that brings them closer together. It’s not always possible (or preferable) for two people in a relationship/marriage to engage in sexual activity together. Adult toys make it easier for people who want some intimacy without having full-on sex either due to physical limitations or personal preference. Did you know that even if you are in long distance relationship you can also enjoy the use of sex toys? Some sex toys are specifically designed for long distance couples. Look at these latest models of LDR sex toys.

3. Adult toys are healthy


Adult toys increase the blood flow, which is necessary to promote healing when sick or injured. It also helps when you have problems like arthritis – circulation needs to be improved for this condition too, so using adult toys is beneficial in preventing it from worsening. The best reason why adult toys are actually good for mental health is that they aid in sexual stimulation. Everyone has the need to feel loved and wanted which can be fulfilled by adult toys. Adult toys also provide a level of comfort and satisfaction with many users testifying to their positive effects on their lifestyle.

4. Adult toys distract your everyday problems


Adult toys aren’t just for sexual pleasure — they can be used as distractions from other issues in our lives too. This could work well with things like stress balls specifically made for this purpose, but there are also many adult toys that adults aren’t ashamed about bringing into the workplace to work out problems through some steamy action that will bring those good hormones up.

5. Adventurous and convient


Having fun is one thing but adventurous fun is something different. Whether you’re trying out a new toy or just having sex in an unusual location, experimenting with your partner’s body is always rewarding. Perhaps the best thing about adult toys is that they are available to buy from any number of quality retailers. You can find them at any time and even have them delivered straight to your home without anyone knowing what you’ve bought!

6. They can be super cheap or even free


Adult toys can actually be very cheap to purchase, especially when you get the more simple ones online. Some of them are even free if you know where to look! If you are so inclined you could even make your own toys, which is a lot cheaper than buying them. If you have an open mind about it then there are plenty of ways for adult playtime to be cheap that will fit into your budget. You just have to have the right attitude!

7. Sex makes you sleep better


Sleep is crucial to our overall health. It’s not just to keep us from being cranky as well, but also because it boosts the immune system, maintains our cognitive capabilities in good shape, decreases anxiety and depression, and improves the amount of libido we have — or at the very least, stops it from reducing.

Masturbation and sexual activity can help in easing restlessness and insomnia. Since it releases endorphins and oxytocin it can make people feel relaxed and feel less stressed. Both genders have reported better sleep when they incorporate masturbation into their evening routine. the use of a sex toy may assist you in achieving your sleep sexual pleasure more quickly and efficiently.


In the bedroom, as well as in life, it is natural to want to keep things varied and exciting. We all need those ‘recharge’ moments from time to time. That doesn’t mean we should break up with our long-term partners but a bit of playing around isn’t going to hurt anyone for sure!

Adult toys or other fun tools can be a great way to take a mental health day off. Why spend the money going out for dinner and drinks when you won’t actually remember much about it? It’s better if you enjoy yourself at home with your partner/s (and maybe some toys). Adult toys are actually good for mental health because they aid in sexual stimulation. Everyone has the need to feel loved and wanted which can be fulfilled by adult toys. Adult toys also provide a level of comfort and satisfaction with many users testifying to their positive effects on their lifestyle.