It is fair to say that the betting industry has changed a lot over the past decade. We have seen many changes, but all of these have combined together to bring a fantastic output, and really improve what gamblers have at their disposal.

Much of this has been pushed by technological advances, but also by competition in the industry. This is one of the fiercest industries around, there is a big focus on attracting new players, while the need to keep current players is also growing, as many customers are switching bookmakers on a regular basis to take advantage of the offers available.
Here is a look at what has changed the betting industry in recent years, and why these areas have combined to bring an even better service forward for punters.

The Growth of Mobile Betting


Without a doubt, one of the biggest positive impacts on the betting industry has been the creation of mobile betting.

We are seeing mobile technology allow betting apps to be created, and this means that gamblers can place a bet from anywhere. They no longer need to be at home on the computer, they can bet while out with friends, at work, or even while at a sporting event.
On top of this, the entire world is moving towards being more convenient, so the betting industry is falling into line with many other industries by offering this. As consumers, we want things as quick and easy as possible, mobile betting is the betting industry’s way of offering that to us.

Live Betting & Streaming


In terms of betting products and how they have changed, the biggest of these has certainly been the creation of live betting markets and live streaming. Not all bookmakers offer live streaming but many of them do, allowing you to place bets and then watch the action unfold.

At the side of these live streams you will find live betting markets, so bets can be placed while play is happening, rather than the traditional method of betting which is before an event begins.

This is a completely different type of betting, but one that is seen as a big development and step forward. Anyone can place a wager during the action across many games and sports, and many are already doing this.

Some punters will place live bets now, not placing any before things begin, while others combine the two. One thing we expect is that this will greatly improve in the future, with more betting in this style.

Welcome Bonuses and Deals for New Customers


If you want to know how much the betting industry has moved forward and how well it is doing then take one look at the amount of big bonuses and deals available for new customers. You can find these on sites such as and they are a great way for new players to have a good start.

Bookmakers put a lot of value on bringing in new customers, and this is why these offers exist. If you are a new player and looking at betting for the first time, the service you are going to get now is the best it has ever been.

From free bets to money back offers, enhanced odds and a number of regular offers that existing customers can use every week will all form part of the service you will find.

The initial first impression that people get is far likely to push them towards gambling on a regular basis and having fun, as it is so good right now. This is a big positive for the industry, one that will only attract more players.

More Than Just Sports


We’ve already mentioned how important new customers are to the betting industry. However, the pool for those wanting to bet on sports is only so big, and for that reason, bookmakers have started to bring more diversity to their service.

This includes big moves in two areas, political betting and TV show betting.
You can bet on an upcoming election across many markets, just like you can on an upcoming football match. This has seen a brand new market unearthed by the industry, and a new area where the much valued new customers can come from.

It isn’t just in politics either. Any TV show that has a winner which comes from either a public vote or judges voting and is shown live on TV is likely to have betting available on it.
Again, this opens up a new area to target, and these shows have proven to be popular around the world, with many people tuning in. Now, these people can add a bet to bring even more enjoyment and fun to their nights in front of the TV.

What Does the Future Hold?


This is a really interesting question to ask about the betting industry. The simple reason being that in the past we have thought the industry had peaked, and more changes have taken it to another level.

As things stand now, it is difficult to see where the industry could improve, so are we now finally at the peak?

That remains to be seen, but there is one very important point to make here. The betting industry is one of the most competitive out there, and while ever that competition exists, you will have companies pushing others forward in a bid to become the best.

Teams will be spending money developing new ideas, making things bigger and better and generally trying to get the upper hand.

Although there doesn’t really appear to be an area that the betting industry can target to improve it, we know that something will happen because so many people will be investing in their service to make it better.

What changes exactly cannot be answered right now, though in a decade from now, don’t be surprised at all if the betting industry has taken another big leap forward thanks to new ideas and advancements.