Casinos and gambling are shrouded in many myths. Most often negative ones. The main ones boil down to the fact that the player is always deceived and that it is impossible to win at the casino. For most experienced players, it is obvious that gambling is primarily the pleasure of having a good time. And not at all hard work, the purpose of which is to win.

Those who come to a casino or gambling hall to relax and have fun are likely to get what they want. Those who try to use the casino to make money are likely to be disappointed. And maybe even severely punished.

Unfortunately, the myths that any casino is built on fraud, and that behind simple slot machines there are always cunning strategies to deceive people, serve the second category of players a disservice. Having heard myths somewhere about how slot machines are “arranged”, they are simply afraid to play. In this article, we will analyze three such popular myths.

The myth of “idle reels”


This story was born long before the advent of online casinos. No matter you are playing in a traditional casino or online one, like Spinbit Casino, some gamblers believe in the idea that there is a pattern – if a slot machine does not give out winnings for a long time, then it means that it will soon give out a big win. And maybe even a jackpot.

This misconception has nothing to do with the truth in classic slot machines. And it is even more absurd to believe that something like this is possible in online slots.

Winning combinations in the slots are randomly generated before the start of the spin. The probability that you will predict when a winning combination will appear is close to zero. The amount of time that a particular slot did not give a win has nothing to do with the chances of winning shortly.

However, due to the popularity of this myth, many players, having barely tried slots, conclude that it is simply useless to play.

It is necessary to press the buttons “correctly” somehow

This old myth is connected with the fact that by clicking on the slot machine button in some “special” way, you can increase your chances of winning.

Of course, this is complete nonsense with licensed slot machines, and even more so with slots in online casinos. It is generally difficult to “especially” press buttons on the Internet, isn’t it? However, after hearing about such a myth, many novice gamblers quit playing. They believe that without special knowledge about the secrets of dealing with slots, they have nothing to do in the game.

More bets mean more winnings


Another persistent myth is related to the number of bets and potential winnings. Some players believe that if you place a lot of bets, even small ones, then the machines become more “supportive”.

There is no objective reason to believe in this myth. We will have to repeat it once again — slots give out the results of spins exclusively by the random number generator. There is no way to influence this.

However, this myth scares many players away from slot machines. They believe that the chances of winning are only if you endlessly place a huge number of bets. And it takes money and patience.

The machine will not pay another jackpot immediately after it pays one


There is a recurring pattern here that can be seen all through the post. In fact, any slot machine myths revolve around the notion that some things do not affect winning odds most slightly.

We will say it again: each of the spins in every single spot is a singular random event. The rationale behind this is that a jackpot-prizing slot machine could pay off yet another large prize within an hour.

Nothing helps your chances when playing slot machines

At first, this may seem like a contradiction to, “Slot machines are purely based on chance”. It should be noted though that one cannot influence outcomes from each machine spin. However, there are some measures that you may apply throughout the game in order to enhance the general probability of winning.

Firstly, all casino slot machines do not pay equal sums. The payout rates for slot machines may range between 85 percent and 98 percent. Regardless of the payout rate, you have an equal chance of winning, and as a result, it is obvious that with greater rates, your overall return should also be bigger over time. Therefore, by choosing what to play in the slots you can potentially raise your winnings probability.