E-commerce has flourished a lot in the past years. It is easy to start up a business online and use your imagination to grow it. If you like the idea of managing an online clothes store, here are some pieces of advice that you should implement when starting a business from scratch. When you buy wholesale t shirts, use brands like Bella Canvas t shirts, and you will gain a good point on quality.

First Steps in Setting up Your Online Clothing Store

If you think that there are too many clothing stores, too many models, or too many designers, remember the days when you tried so hard to find the perfect t-shirt. Well, imagine that there are a lot of people in the same situation: a customer is hard to please because he is always searching for something new, especially when it comes to clothes.

Put your whole creativity at work and lunch your first t-shirt online collection. It may seem difficult, but it is not. Once you’ve decided, the first step is made. The second step is to set up the online store, and at the start point, because it may be too expensive to own your online store, you can successfully use platforms like Etsy or Ebay, for selling clothes. Savethestudent.org helps you with the top of the best platforms where you can sell your t-shirts, as a starter. After this step, use your imagination to create unique designs on wholesale t shirts.

Print Your Design on Wholesale T-Shirts

Using a DTG printing machine, you can print your design ideas on simple wholesale t shirts. You can find a lot of white or colored t-shirts online, at low prices, on wordans.com. Not all of them are high quality, so test them before, if you can, or buy well-known brands. For example, you can buy Bella Canvas t shirts online, because it is among the best brands: they provide good quality garments and have long-lasting durability.

Speaking about printing techniques, there are several techniques among which you can choose to use, but not all are the best option. One of them is to use a DTG printer. It is not a very expensive investment and the results are good ones. You can buy a printer from the Internet and print any number of shirts, even only one, from inside your home. So, you don’t have to keep a stock of printed shirts, you can print only when you receive an order.

Another method is serigraphy. This method involves you sending the t-shirts to be printed because it is not a machine that you can keep in your dining room. The final cost per shirt can be lower than using a DTG printer, but you have to send a big quantity of t-shirts to be printed.

There are also thermo transfer materials, like flex, flex no cut, thermo transfer paper, heat transfer film, classic+universal paper, and so on. This method involves you having a thermal transfer heat press, which is also quite cheap and you can buy it online. The results are not always perfect, but quite good. This method involves the lowest investment, so it is suitable for the very first beginning of your start up. The disadvantage of thermal transfer is that the print can be imperfect, that’s why this method is considered a DIY technique.

Sell Online the Best Quality Bella Canvas T-Shirts

Even if the t-shirt designs are very attractive, many of your customers may still have doubts about the quality of the t-shirts. There are plenty of online wholesale t shirts, but it is hard to choose among them. That’s why it is important to use only brands that are known to produce qualitative clothes. Using Bella Canvas T Shirts, you can meet your customers’ exigencies. They are tested and well known in the branch.

From an Idea to the First Collection

Once you have in mind an idea, expand it, to create different designs and build a collection. Make different versions of a design, in different colors. Here you have some ideas about how to improve your imagination to create designs.

Get inspired by the classics

Classic stories have already penetrated the market, so they are selling “by themselves”. They are well known, popular, loved, and… free. Because this is an important aspect: don’t use copyrighted designs. But most of the classics are older than 50-70 years, they entered into the public patrimony, so you can use them now freely. Check carefully this legal aspect!

Buy some designs from other artists

There are a lot of young artists that can work for you on some amazing designs, to print your first collection. Just find some people that share the same artistic perspective as yours and ask them to make your designs. For instance, you may try to work with students from the Art University.

Use your artwork

If you are an artist, it is even better! As a photographer, illustrator, or painter you can print your works on Bella Canvas t shirts, without paying copyrights or buying designs. It is also a good way for you to make your art known.

Scale Your Business

Even if you are selling a successful clothes collection, don’t forget to grow. Many entrepreneurs skip this step and they are stuck in a small size level business. It doesn’t matter how good you are selling on Etsy, it is important to grow. Move on to your online store, build a brand, invest in marketing, offer the best services to your clients and everything is going to be …big!


Having an online clothing business is not very hard to manage and it doesn’t always require big investments. You can use a lot of online platforms and tools for selling, if owning an online store seems intimidating, in the beginning. In regards to printing techniques, there are many methods you can choose, accordingly to your start budget. The most important aspects are the design ideas and the quality of the clothes you deliver. That’s why you have to pay attention to the producers and buy wholesale t shirts from known good brands, like Bella Canvas.