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Big wedding celebrations are great, but intimate weddings are unforgettable. Couples have small weddings for many reasons, ranging from budget to intimacy. However, having a small wedding gives room for personalization. It’s so beautiful when you know all your guests and your attention is enough to go round.

Whatever the case, whether you’re eloping or having something intimate, at WeddingForward, we’ve got the best small wedding ideas. They’re suitable and unique guides for all types of private weddings. From the menu to stationery, see some awesome tips for planning a small intimate wedding.

1. Choose a symbolic venue

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Having a small guest list makes your venue options endless. You’re no more concerned about people fitting into a venue. The focus is to choose a place that speaks to you or makes an appearance in your love story. You could opt for an intimate home wedding in the house you bought together because it starts your marital journey.

The place you met or your favorite date night restaurant are other options. You may also look out for hobbies that you share with your spouse. If you love art and history, a museum could be the perfect place. If you share a love for fine wine, book out a winery for your wedding.

2. Offer an exotic meal banquet

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A smaller number of guests means more money to spare. You can go ahead and present the guests with an extensive menu for their enjoyment. This is an opportunity to go all out.

Incorporate your best foods and that of your spouse. You can also bring in delicacies from diverse cultures, preferably yours or places you’ve been to.

Take your guests around the world by bringing it to them. Another novel experience includes naming foods after your favorite movies, songs, or colors. It’s fun, satisfying, and easy to pull off with a guest count of 30 to 50 people.

3. Incorporate your guests into the decor

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Since the guests are but a small number, set up a picture wall of all your guests and loved ones for them to sign off on. You can then make these pictures into a book that will serve as a reminder of your beautiful wedding day.

Alternatively, put their framed pictures on their tables in favor of place cards. This is a unique and exciting way to honor your guests and make them feel that they are very important fixtures in your life.

4. Let your guests participate

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Keeping a small guest list ensures that everyone in attendance is very dear to you. It’s also beautiful that you know all of them to a large extent. Hence, it will be relaxing and meaningful to let those you love partake in your celebration. You can have them hand you stalks of flowers as you walk down the aisle to form a bouquet.

They can also say wishes on your rings as you pass them around. Guests can pass candles around as they light up in unity and blessings for you. Another great option is having them preside over readings at the ceremony or showing talents at the reception.

5. Personalize your wedding stationery

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Since there isn’t a lot of stationery, you have all the time to make it perfect. Choose colors that best portray your theme, style, and personality. Craft your stationery in gorgeous suits. Use illustrations that make the most meaning to your love story.

You may also step out of the box by sending hand-signed loved-up photos with your wedding information on them. It could also be bottles of wine with wedding invitation labels. Go creative as the options are endless with a small number of wedding invites.

6. Be meticulous with details

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Be very meticulous with the details from decor to the seating arrangement and all. Choose eye-catching place cards, centerpieces, and signage. Monogram your napkins to fit your theme and style. Create an ambiance that relaxes the guests but keeps them excited. Arrange your seating to be cozy and intimate instead of the traditional table for four.

Opt for family-style. Transportation logistics is also very important. Ensure that the guests have enough parking space or mobility to move them from one point to the next. Sort out the lodging accommodation in advance, especially for destination weddings.

7. Give the guests some fun

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Make your reception a fun-filled event for guests. Hire chefs, sculptors, magicians, bakers, or artists to wow your guests. If you have the means, you can plan a whole weekend retreat for the guests if they’re less than 30.

A weekend of swimming, tanning, eating, hunting, zip-lining, skiing, etc. There are so many activities you all can enjoy over the weekend. It’s a holiday that allows your guests to unwind in preparation for the workweek.

8. Play around the aisle

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A smaller number of guests means that you can manipulate your venue and aisle to suit your vision. Instead of the conventional pews, why not set up a semicircle of chairs around the aisle for the guests to sit? You may also have them sit around the four corners of the stage, while you say your vows in the center. This way, everyone has a clear view of you. Other options include benches and bales for sitting. If the ceremony is short, the guests can stand surrounding you.

9. Gift the guests meaningful favors

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At the end of your wedding, invest in meaningful wedding favors that your guests will cherish. Gift them pots of herbs or succulents for their gardens or backyards. You can also give them shawls for winter or curated bags of travel-size beauty and grooming essentials. Wine club subscriptions or restaurant vouchers are other fantastic wedding ideas. Just think about what your guests will value the most.

Small wedding ideas will give your special day a facelift regardless of venue, theme, or budget. Create a memorable intimate wedding by letting these ideas inspire you.