An unusual lump on your body can either be harmless or spell doom, an uncertainty that may result in a frightening experience. You may need medical intervention if the swelling becomes larger or causes discomfort over time. If you suspect soft tissue mass Somerville, you can rely on the Somerset Surgical Associates, LLC team to provide accurate diagnosis and effective treatment.

Different forms of soft tissue masses


A soft tissue mass is an abnormal collection of fat, skin cells, and other substances that develop on or near soft tissues like ligaments and muscles. These masses can be malignant or benign. Somerset Surgical Associates, LLC offers treatment for a wide range of soft tissue masses like lipomas and cysts. A lipoma is a fatty lump that occurs between your skin and muscle. In most cases, lipomas are harmless; however, if they increase in size, they can compress the surrounding nerves, resulting in pain and discomfort.

Conversely, cysts occur as lumps under your skin and fill with oils and other substances. Sometimes the cysts may become inflamed or infected, resulting in pain. The root cause of soft mass tissue remains unknown to medical experts. However, your family history or genetic makeup may increase your chances of developing a mass.

What you should know about benign soft tissue tumors

Benign soft tissue masses can occur between and within your blood vessels, muscles, nerves, and ligaments. Benign soft tissue tumors include neurofibroma, lipoma, hemangioma, fibroma and angiolipoma. These tumors often pose very little risk to you, and your provider may recommend a simple treatment known as marginal excision. While the therapy guarantees excellent results, it may not eliminate all the lumps. Your provider may need to observe the tumor to determine if it is malignant before developing a treatment plan. In cases where the cancer is malignant, marginal excision may rapidly spread the tumor, which may have otherwise responded to minimally invasive surgery. The Somerset Surgical Associates team conducts thorough physical exams, utilizing MRIs to obtain accurate results and ensure that you recover rather than worsening your health condition.

Available treatments for soft tissue masses


During your initial appointment at the practice, the team may discuss your symptoms, review your health history and perform a thorough physical evaluation to detect the underlying cause of your discomfort. The team evaluates the mass and determines whether you need treatment or not. Some benign masses may not necessarily require treatment, but your provider may need to monitor them to prevent future complications. If your soft tissue mass is large or painful, your doctor may suggest minimally invasive techniques to eliminate the lipoma or cyst. Some surgeries may be more intricate than others depending on the location of the treatment site. Areas with numerous blood vessels and nerves may pose a higher risk of complications during treatment. If your results reveal a malignant mass, you may need additional treatment like chemotherapy or radiation to eliminate the remaining cancer cells.

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