Stay-At-Home Activities for Kids

If you have kids at home you must know what a difficult task it is to keep them engaged. Kids are always looking out to do something, or play, and are most of the time cranky because of boredom. In order to keep them busy, occupied, and happy, you do have to make an effort and give them time and attention.

However, we do understand that with busy working parents, you can not always be present and around your kids and so you need ways to keep them busy at home.

So to help you out with the next toddler-existential-question of ‘what should I do?’, here are some recommendations.

Introduce them to Netflix Kids

Kids watching TV

Children today are highly exposed to media, which can have a negative impact on their upbringing. If your kids are always on the phone playing games or interacting online, you need to put a limit on their usage.

While it is nearly impossible to cut off all technological exposure, you can, at least, carry out a regulated and limited one.

One of the solutions to their entertainment problems can be solved with Netflix Kids. Netflix has a whole section of content dedicated to young children.

With age-appropriate shows and movies, you have access to thousands of shows, cartoons, and movies that your kids can enjoy while you’re away.

Internet services like Kinetic Internet allow you to apply parental controls on your devices so your child can only view or have access to limited content. This way you won’t have to worry about what they’re watching on TV and they will be occupied for good!

Indulge them in arts and crafts

Kids love to play with their hands and get messy. To promote their creativity and widen their imagination, practicing arts and crafts can be very instrumental.

You can set up a dedicated corner in your home as an art station with art supplies, scrapbooks, coloring books, canvases, and whatever medium they enjoy.

Give them weekly themes to create artwork on and hang their pieces in their room for appreciation. This will not only boost their confidence but also help them explore and experiment to become keen learners.

Instill a reading habit

reading habit for Kids

If there is one thing your kid needs in this day and age more than you needed when you were little, is a relationship with books. With everything becoming digital and screens taking up most of our time, we have forgotten how important reading is for mental growth.

Books not only help us learn a lot in a little time but also improve cognitive development, instill new ideas, and boost our imagination.

Start by introducing classics like Harry Potter, Hunger Games, and Roald Dahl stories and let them choose their genres as they start enjoying the process.A tiny bookshelf in their room will add just the right motivation for them to read and get more books!

Get them a pet to take care of

Want your kids to take up some responsibility and develop empathy? Get them a pet to take care of.

Pets not only are extremely friendly and fun to live with but having them around teaches your child the importance of feeling for others, being there for them, taking care of another being’s needs, and a lot more.

Teach them to feed their pet on time, wash and clean their space, and groom them. This will also help them understand the importance of self-care, personal hygiene, and looking after themselves too.

With a naughty little pup around the house, your kid will have no time to get bored ever again!

Arrange a play-date for your kids with their friends

Last but clearly not least, your kid needs to socialize and hang around with other kids. If your child is staying home alone more often and not interacting with others, they may become underconfident, and find it hard to communicate with others.

Whenever you find the time once or twice a week, arrange fun play dates with their friends. Take them out in a park nearby, or set up a cooking station in the kitchen so they can all have fun together.

Make sure your child is accommodative and knows how to share, play, and communicate in a group.

Children who spend a lot of time with technology usually tend to be more hyper, have weak communication skills, and may even become introverts due to spending more time with themselves. Make sure your child is social and does not shy away from company.

Wrapping It Up

Playing with Your Kids

Kids today are very intelligent due to exposure to the world far greater than we used to have at this age back in our day.

However, with extended and unregulated exposure, your child can get confused, overwhelmed, and absorb too much which may result negatively.

So make sure that you have set a routine for your child, give them time, attention, and love that they deserve, and be playful when you have the time.

We hope our suggestions will help you set a balanced plan for your kid and help them spend their time learning and growing with fun!