Elevator shoes? As the name goes, they are meant to increase the height of the person wearing them. They have thick insoles, especially thicker in the heel. This instantly lifts the person and shows an increased height.

You might think that what is the difference between elevator shoes and heels then? It’s about appearance. If someone is wearing heels, we will know it instantly. However, not all elevated shoes have heels. As mentioned previously, they have thick insoles. Therefore, even if someone is wearing them, there won’t be a noticeable thing.

In addition to this, some of these shoes also come with a heel design. The heel of the shoes is usually one inch thick and the insole at the heel part is also quite thick. Thus, even if people see that you are wearing a 1-inch heel, your height will increase by 2 inches. Furthermore, apart from formal shoes, sneakers and joggers also come in elevator design. You can check out these designs at And you cannot always wear the same shoe every time.

They have formal shoes, ankle boots, simple boots, sneakers and loafers. So you can get them all to wear on different occasions. All these shoes are Italian handmade and thus, offer amazing quality.

But are they comfortable?

Of course, you need comfort in your daily life. Even if you wish to look tall, you cannot risk your health for it. Therefore, you need to buy shoes from a good place. There are stores that sell handmade shoes and even if they are not handmade, the quality should be good. Moreover, it is not a difficult thing to achieve.

Precisely talking about elevator shoes, there is nothing wrong with them. They are comfortable to wear and walk in. However, the second important aspect is the brand that you choose. Things mainly depend on where you buy them. if you are buying a local shoe and getting thick insoles, things will be different but if you are buying elevator shoes from a known brand (whether it’s local or international), you will get all the comfort and the best quality.

Boost your self-confidence


Apart from the comfort factor, elevator shoes are known to boost your self-confidence. People with shorter height tend to have an inferiority complex. So these shoes will get rid of the complex. In addition to this, you will feel more confident. So, if you are meeting someone for the first time, you will be worried about your height. But if you are wearing such shoes, all those worries will disappear. Thus, you will be able to speak up to them.

They look stylish

You can find all the latest styles and trends in elevator-style too. Therefore, if you do not want to look like you lack fashion sense, you can wear them anywhere. They have almost all the designs, styles and colors. You can get them to pair up with any of your dresses.

For example, if you are planning to attend a business meeting, you can get a pair of dress shoes. Likewise, if you have to attend a party or ceremony, you can easily get something suitable for that occasion too. And when it comes to the daily life of students, sneakers are available too. So whether you are wearing formal attire or carrying the informal and casual look, you can find a suitable style.

Pairing your elevator shoes

You cannot wear any shoes anywhere. For example, dress shoes are not suitable to wear with jeans and tees. Similarly, wearing sneakers at a business meeting would be a foolish idea.

Similarly, even if you are wearing elevator shoes, you cannot just wear them anywhere you like. You need to pair them carefully otherwise, you might make a joke of yourself.

So here are a few ways that you can try out.

1 – Loafers


Loafers are the best match for casual and formal to semi-formal events. You can pair them up with casual pants and also with formal ones. So if you are a young entrepreneur or you are a student, you can get them.

Straight-fit cotton pants and jeans go well with loafers. You can pair your pants with a t-shirt or a dress shirt. Fold up the pants and pair them with a tee to get a casual look for your class.

2 – Sneakers


Sneakers are the most comfortable thing to have in your wardrobe. They are comfortable, convenient and look good. More importantly, sneakers are the latest trend. You can wear them with jeans while going out with your friends. Or if you are having a party, you can also wear sneakers there. So whatever you are planning with your friends, sneakers would be the best partners.

And getting the elevator insole in sneakers? This is the best combination. Insoles make the inside of the shoes comfortable and soft. Therefore, if you are wearing elevated sneakers, there would be less pressure on your feet.

3 – Boots and camp boots


Though they are suitable for camping, they can also enhance your looks. So if you like the rough and rowdy getup, you can wear these shoes. Bikers would especially love them.

Pair these boots with cool pants and a leather jacket and you are ready to rock. This getup suits bikers and jeep riders.

4 – Formal elevator shoes


Business meetings and formal gatherings require a completely different getup. You will wear a formal dress and shoes. However, if you are wearing elevator shoes and the hem of your pants is shorter, you will only embarrass yourself.

Pants lift while sitting on the chair. So when you are eating at a formal gathering and you are sitting down, make sure to sit properly. The back of your shoes gets more attention if you are wearing heels. Therefore, make sure the hem length.