You’ve probably read some news stories recently about huge changes in technology that could make the world better. Yet, this kind of information can often stop us from noticing the smaller advances that make a difference in our everyday activities and that are taken for granted.

Online Slots That Change Format Constantly

Playing gambling games online has become a popular hobby thanks to the rich diversity of games that have been created. Table and card games such as roulette and blackjack have moved online with a live-streaming presentation, but it’s slots that have grabbed a lot of the attention lately thanks to the introduction of a mechanism known as Megaways™ that changes the format of the reels on each and every spin.

They’re found on sites like Paddy Power and when you play Megaways™ slots at Paddy’s you’ll see a long list of themed games of this type. With slots covering cowboys, Vikings, wild animals and more, this category of casino games has expanded to cover themes that cover many areas of interest. The way that Megaways™ slots work is by randomly changing the number of rows and symbols every time you play, so you never know how many ways of winning are going to appear on the screen.

Virtual Reality in Museums


Going to the museum to see fascinating artefacts from the past has been a much-loved hobby since at least the 15th century when the Capitoline Museum was created in Rome. Currently, the Louvre in Paris is the world’s largest museum thanks to its 73,000 square metres of exhibition space. Many people enjoy walking huge distances to see the most famous items in museums like this, but virtual reality (VR) technology could change how we view their exhibits in the future.

The Franklin Institute in Philadelphia is an example of how VR can work in museums, as they’ve been using this technology for the last few years to provide a more immersive experience. This gives visitors the chance to enter different parts of the universe and see what they’re really like. More recently, Carrickfergus Museum near Belfast has created a special Halloween exhibition that brings Ireland’s last witch trials to life.


Autonomous Last Mile Deliveries

The convenience of ordering online and waiting for a speedy home delivery has changed how we shop, but for e-commerce and delivery companies the last mile has always been an issue. This has led to research into various methods of completing this part of the delivery process more quickly and efficiently, with delivery drones and autonomous robots among the top options.

An example of how this industry is progressing can be seen in the news from Serve Robotics earlier this year when they announced the expansion of their link with Uber Eats. This will lead to as many as 2,000 delivery bots being deployed across the US to deliver food to customers.

These examples from various industries give a glimpse of some of the changes that you might not have noticed before now but that are among the advances that are going to become increasingly evident in many of the everyday activities we carry out.