Text-to-speech technology seems like wizardry in some third-world countries. A lot of people choose not to evolve and follow some newer technology trends since they choose not to step out of their comfort zone, and they do not like the feeling of the unknown. In fact, loads of parents aren’t even aware that this is a thing. Have you heard about converter texto em voz natural before? If not, here is all that you should know about text-to-speech technology, as well as reasons why you may want to start using it.

What is TTC?


TTS is a speech synthesis app that will allow you to listen to words from a computer, a file, or a web page. For people who have visual issues, a quick reading from your tablet, phone, or computer may seem like an amazing idea. Luckily for you, you can try out one of the best TTS software at ! There are over 60 different natural voices for you to choose from. You can customize your pronunciation, volume, as well as speech rate. You can even try out a free plan, a personal plan, or a commercial plan! With the app, you will go through scanned documents and other files easily, and stress-free, as well as at your own pace!

Why is this a good and innovative idea?


This technology is an amazing idea for kids, students, or people in general who are struggling with dyslexia or similar learning disabilities. If you have ADHD, you know how hard it is to focus on certain topics, as well as how hard it is to spell. With the right app, every person will feel a lot more confident as well as positive about writing any essays. TTS technology has also been quite practical and beneficial for kids who suffer from autism, and it is a newer approach that we should welcome in this market.

Is it truly effective?

Loads of different studies have shown that this technology will allow you to focus on your actual content, and only after that, you will focus on the process of reading. With this amazing feature, you will feel a lot more comfortable with your answers, as well as the entire learning process. A lot of parents also love TTS because of their children.

6 Reasons Why You Need Text-to-Speech Technology

1. It will extend the reach of your content


TTS gives a whole new perspective when it comes to your studies. Not only that you will soak in all the information a lot quicker and way easier, but you will also enjoy this new approach. People or kids who have literacy difficulties, as well as learning disabilities, will benefit the most from this app.

2. Easily accessible


You will have everything ready and in front of you, with just one click of a button! Also, did you know that over 20% of people have some sort of disadvantage which is linked to learning? Even worse, over 14% of adults who live in the USA are illiterate. Every person will easily follow and enjoy the text-to-speech approach, and no reader will have trouble listening, as well as learning!

3. Different schooling programs


There are loads of different schooling programs worldwide. The way that you are raised and thought the basics in your primary school can range so much from one continent to the other, and sometimes even from city to city. Also, refugees, migrants, foreigners, as well as people who live in third-world countries may struggle the most with learning a new language. In order to quickly adapt and start learning faster, TTS will help you out as well!

4. We will have to evolve


Sooner or later, we will have to evolve, and change will happen. Everyone depends on technology nowadays, and trying not to use your phone for a day is a challenge for everyone. According to one study, from 2015 and 2030, our planet will be populated with over 55% of people who are older than the age of 60. Accepting new patterns and new apps will depend on future generations, and a lot of them will choose this approach since it is so easy to use, especially if you’re someone who loves the news, or you like to read your morning newspaper. Well now, someone can actually do it for you!

5. A lot more autonomy for digital content owners


You can add a dash of your personality to the app. How? With only a bit of work and by investing some time in your programming skills, you will be one step closer to presenting your own content to others around you. This will make parents happy, as well as proud since they will easily create something personalized for their kids. If you are a creative person or someone who loves to program, this feature will interest you the most!

6. Great because of mobility reasons


Last, but not least, think about yourself and how often you are on the move. In the USA, people spend a lot of time on their phones. In fact, the demand for devices has never been higher. If you were to switch to TTS, you could bring your multimedia experience with you everywhere you go! This means that any PDF document would be one click away, along with your favorite eBook! Now, everything can be at your service and available 24/7.

Ready to try out the talk to speech technology?

After listing some of these reasons, are you ready to give TTS a chance? As you can see, it has loads of different perks that can be beneficial for you, but also for your friends and family, or little kids. If you know someone who is struggling with learning, has dyslexia, or autism, this could make up as an amazing birthday present! Surprise someone you love with the TTS app, or at least tell them that it is available and super affordable. It could change their life and approach to studying and learning new things in a heartbeat.