Did you finally buy a new home? We couldn’t be happier for you. Statistics show that the home buying power increased by 21% in 2024. However, signing the dotted line on the housing agreement doesn’t mean the process has ended. You may know that several things do not necessarily come with a new home. If you have recently bought one, we suggest you look at how to complete it or ensure you have everything essential for your safety. We have a list of things we think every new homeowner should have. So, make sure you are not missing out on something that will make your house look and feel better.

Let us talk about some things that every new homeowner should have for a safer, better, and happier life. Let us begin.

1. Drapes and Blinds


If you want to ensure that your first impression in the neighborhood is the best, try putting up drapes or blinds. You wouldn’t want your neighbor peeking into your home when you go about your day. These drapes and curtains are a great way to ensure that you maintain your privacy. It will also help you keep unwanted dust and sunlight out. You can also add these curtains to give your home a more personalized look. We suggest going for a wrinkle-free curtain as they are low maintenance.

2. New Door Lock

It is most likely that you aren’t the first person to reside in your new home. You wouldn’t want people around having spare keys to your current house locks. Imagine having unwanted visitors during the middle of the night. So, a better way to tackle this situation is to swap your current locks. It might take a bit of investment and some time too. It still isn’t a bad price to pay for your safety and assurance.

You can choose from a wide variety of door locks to add to your home. Some variants fix your door and provide additional security in the time of need. They can keep you safe against lock picks, kicking, and unwanted breaches. Changing your lock is the ideal solution for you if you are living alone too. So, do consider it.

3. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors


Owning a new house comes with a lot of responsibility as well. It is up to you to take care of your house and your investment. Therefore, you need to ensure that you are prepared in case of a fire. Installing smoke and carbon monoxide detectors is the easiest way of doing this. Smoke might help you detect a fire, but CO can be lethal, so taking a step further isn’t bad at all. There are various kinds of smoke and CO detectors that you can choose from. It won’t be a problem for you to choose one if you have enough information about them.

4. Fire Extinguishers

Life can be unpredictable regardless of how careful you are. For example, a fire could break out in your kitchen or fireplace when you aren’t paying attention. Therefore, we suggest you keep a good fire extinguisher with you in an accessible place. We also suggest reading the instruction on how to operate a fire extinguisher before you have to use it quickly. You wouldn’t want to waste time reading instructions when dealing with a fire emergency. Remember that you do not need to go for a full-scale fire extinguisher cylinder. There are easy spray bottles available in the market that you can buy.

5. Home Security System


It is important to mention security systems since we are talking about home security. You will easily find a security system in the market that fits your needs and your budget easily. You can also go for a self install security system if you do not want to hire someone to do it for you. We also suggest adding a firearm to the list. Click here if you are looking to buy an upper receiver for your AR15 to add to your home security plan. You must train and practice using the firearm in case you ever need to use it. Feel free to choose any security depending on your budget and needs. However, comply with the local, state, or government rules about arms possession.

A simple biometric or keyguard home security system is ideal for most users. However, there are other extensive options if you worry about your security and new home.

6. Smart Door Bell

When you buy a house, you decide who comes and who stays out of your home. A great option to ensure that you have an eye on your home’s security is a smart doorbell. These doorbells use Wi-Fi and keep you updated with everything. You can think of these smart doorbells as an intercom system that lets you see everything. You can know when your kids reach home, what packages come to your house, and who knocks at your door while having dinner. Try adding a few security cameras at the entrance to keep an eye on who comes to visit you. It might seem like too much work right now, but it is something you need to do for your home.

7. Tool Kits


It doesn’t matter how newly built your home is. You will need to make repairs to it at some point in life. Hiring people to do repairs for you can be easy and convenient but is expensive. If you have a new house, the chances are that most maintenance work you come across is easy. You do not need to hire anyone for it because you can do it yourself. All you have to do is ensure you have all the tools that you could need for it. Therefore, getting a good tool kit for yourself is a great way to keep yourself prepared for unwanted repairs.


Buying a home is great, but you need to make sure you have everything to make your life easier. We hope that you like the things we added to our list. Let us know if you have other suggestions for new homeowners. We would love to hear more from you. Feel free to contact us if you need more information for home defense or related topics.