We all love sunshine and breathing in fresh air from outside but sometimes we opt to be a homebody for a while. It can be during weekends, during job leaves, or during the holiday. You being indoors can as well be due to different seasons like winter and summer. During summer people would prefer to stay indoors to help regulate their body temperatures. The same applies to winter when it is snowing outdoors.

Being indoors requires a little creativity to kill the boredom. We have different activities to try out while indoors this will go depending on your taste and preference. Most of the common activities are watching or gaming but in this article, I will suggest you quite a number of activities to help you push time while indoors. Read on.

1. Gaming

Indoor gaming is one of the most enticing activities you should not miss attempting. Gaming involves a lot of activities, we have physical gaming and electronic gaming. Physical gaming includes hide and seek, chase, draft, table tennis, and many more. Electronic gaming involves the use of PlayStations, computer games, or just phone games.

Gaming like the use of puzzles can also sharpen your mind and improve your thinking while indoors. We have a good number of advantages in gaming. Keep reading.


  • Gaming regularly may increase gray matter in your brain and boost your brain connectivity.
  • Gaming improves your social circle and skills
  • It improves your vision so long as you don’t stare at your computer for 10 straight hours.
  • They inspire gamers to become more persistent.
  • They provide mental health benefits.

2. Try Workout Classes


Working out is one of the best activities to try while indoors. You can have a few tutorials from youtube to give you a guide. You can as well get a trainer to guide you through your workout classes. Working out, apart from keeping you indoors, is also accompanied by a good number of benefits. Have a look.


  • Workouts help prevent excessive weight gain.
  • It improves your mood
  • It also boosts your energy
  • Workout promotes better sleep.

3. Movies And TV Shows

Movies and TV shows are mostly preferred by people staying indoors since they help push time. Movies and TV shows have different types of genres to pick on depending on your taste and preference. When indoors with family you can pick on family genre movies and many more. Watching movies and TV shows will not only keep you busy while indoors but also offer you a good number of benefits.


  • They are educational since education genre movies are also an option.
  • They provide a family bonding time
  • They offer a chance to learn different languages
  • They are cost-effective. Watching indoors is cheaper than going to cinemas
  • They inspire through inspirational movies

4. Try Something New In The Kitchen


Staying indoors can be so tiresome to those who are not used to it. Coming up with new ideas will boost your mood and help you push time. The kitchen is one of the best areas to try out your creative skills. There are a lot of recipes to guide you to cook different types of meals. Try out something you have never prepared in the kitchen to boost your creativity.

5. Try Different Beauty Ideas

Beauty is not a coincidence. Every woman would wish to look good every day. Coming up with new ideas on how to apply your makeup, trying different products to fit well with your skin, and trying our eyelash extensions can be a plus in the process of improving your beauty. If you have never tried using lash extensions it is the right time to try out one.

At Starseed, they provide different types of lash extensions including hybrid eyelashes. They provide quality lashes to satisfy your needs. Applying makeup using a good quality makeup brush with a well-fitted hybrid eyelash from Sterseed will give you an attractive look every woman would wish to have. Try it out, you will never regret it!

6. Attempt A New Fashion Design


Fashion is so dynamic. Fashion designers come up with different styles every day. Being indoors is the right time to try out your own design to give a distinguishing character. Being creative is all you need to be to come up with a nice design that nobody can copy. Getting a good pencil, paint and a solid t-shirt is all you require to come up with a good fashion design on your t-shirt.


We have gone through a few activities to keep going during your free time indoors. You should always be very cautious with the kind of activities you carry out while indoors. Some activities might cause serious injuries or even cause damages in the house. Try to create what you will miss from the outdoors to keep you active. Some may miss the fresh air from outside, this should not be a problem, get a Medical-grade air purifier to purify the air and give you that freshness you need while indoors.