Are you searching for a house for you and your furry friend? Then you have arrived at the right place. Huge parks and big homes are appropriate for anyone having pets. If you do not have a pet yourself but adore animals and want to socialize with animal lovers, you should be living in these communities too. Read the following ideal pet friendly communities which your furry friend will fall in love with! All of them are ideal for pets and you can visit for the best known veterinary clinics in Dubai while enjoying your stay in these areas.

Jumeirah Golf Estates


This is a dog-friendly community that comes with stunning villas. Jumeirah Golf Estates is one of the best freehold areas of Dubai having a blend of villas and apartments. You can find a swimming pool and garden along with each villa where your pets can enjoy themselves to the fullest. Moreover, there is lush greenery everywhere due to the golf course which makes it perfect for you and your pets. If the landlord accepts pets, you should definitely rent a house there. Your pets will be given complete safety since the Jumeirah Golf Estates is a gated community. The gorgeous golf course having attractive views alone is a great reason why a pet owner should rent or purchase an apartment there.
The cost of renting a single bedroom apartment in Jumeirah Golf Estates is AED 46,000 whereas bigger apartments have the rent of AED 97,000 to AED 135,000.

Dubai Hills


Whether you choose a villa or an apartment in Dubai Hills, the whole place is a dog-friendly community. There is sufficient greenery and spacious parks where you can take your pets out for a walk. The Duck Hook in the community’s Golf Club is especially famous as it is loaded with dog owners. There is also a bouncy castle for kids which is open on weekends.

Al Barari

This is another community that is very pet-friendly. There is an abundance of water activities and fresh greenery. Al Barari boasts an ambiance that is loved by pets and attracts the furry creatures to themselves. Although its resident restaurant known as The Farm does not let any pets in, the chic and sophisticated workspace NASAB permits you to tag along with your pet while doing work. NASAB is only open to members and they offer an orientation procedure for dogs to guarantee that they are friendly and well trained. The pet owners are also forced to have their own necessities. For instance, food or water which many pet owners already do. You can always be beside your pet to have companionship and relieve stress. At Al Barari, your pet will enjoy like it’s their habitat.

Arabian Ranches


Providing a desert atmosphere, Arabian Ranches boasts a great community ideal for families who are fond of dogs. Perfect for your dogs and cats, the entire villas come with sufficient gardens so that they can run around there. Even dog owners or simply dog lovers can socialize due to the initiatives spread all over Arabian Ranches. It’s neighborhood restaurant known as Maison Mathis situated in the Arabian Ranches Golf Club also allows dogs. However, do ask them again as their policies might have changed.

Palm Jumeirah


Isn’t it a fantasy of pet owners to live with their furry friend on the beach side? Well, the Palm Jumeirah is a great place to fulfill that fantasy. This is a beautiful artificial island which provides both completely pet friendly villas and apartments in Dubai. You will be dazzled by the long white stretches of sandy beaches which your pets would love to walk on. You can also take your pets to Al Ittihad Park. If you want to go to pet friendly restaurants in Dubai, you should visit Vista Mare. In short, Palm Jumeirah is a treat for both the pet owners and pets.

Emirates Living


This is an extremely famous and prosperous community for all pet owners. This community includes The Lakes, The Views, Emirates Hills, The Greens, The Springs and The Meadows. The abundance of various greenery areas determine this area to be an ideal heaven for pets. There are cafes which are dog friendly such as Bert’s and Arrows & Sparrows. Your dogs can enjoy at the terrace of The Reform Grill and Zabeel House located in The Greens permits dogs. There are many outdoor areas which are dog friendly in the Emirates Golf Club. If your pet is a fan of greenery, you can take them to The Lakes & Meadows to run, walk or simply bask in the sun. The selected outdoor areas of Emirates Golf Club allow dogs. Lastly, the villas at Emirates Hills are pet friendly as well.

More pet-friendly communities in Dubai

Apart from the above mentioned areas, there are more pet friendly communities in Dubai which you can consider while searching for a new home for you and your furry friend. These pet friendly communities are:

  1. Jumeirah Village Triangle
  2. The Lakes
  3. Jumeirah Islands
  4. Dubai Sports City
  5. Jumeirah Park
  6. Jumeirah Village Circle

However, the tenants should keep in mind that even if these residential communities are perfect for pet owners, the majority of rules regarding bringing pets to separate properties depends on the landlord’s authority. In a few cases, the pet owners might be demanded to erase all signs of dogs before settling in.


Below are some important questions usually asked about living with pets in Dubai:

Are there any pet adoption centers in Dubai?

There are lots of pet adoption centers in Dubai which provide excellent services. Therefore, if you want to adopt a new furry friend, you can contact the adoption centers and help these innocent animals get a new happy home filled with love.

Are dogs accepted in Dubai?

Definitely! Dogs are seen everywhere in Dubai. Only a few types of dogs such as Japanese Tosa, Pitbulls and others are not allowed in the UAE. If your pet satisfies all requirements, the pet owner can bring them from their home country to Dubai as well