If you have received the keys to a new house, you will likely be eager to turn it into a stylish home. However, it can often take time and hard work to feel comfortable in a new pad. You will need to eliminate all reminders of a previous tenant, change the interior design, and tweak the outdoor space. 

If you want to feel settled at your new address as soon as possible, read these useful tips on how to turn a new house into your dream home.

Fix Any Problems


Looks can be deceiving, and you might discover your new property has many issues once you receive the keys. For example, it might have clogged drains, a faulty water heater, or an unreliable HVAC system. 

Before you think about a property’s aesthetics, you must tackle any large or small issues within your new home. While it could eat into a remodeling budget, a repair or replacement could protect your property and restore its function. 

If you don’t have the money to spare on an essential repair, it might be beneficial to apply for a short-term loan from the likes of BingoLoans. The sooner you fix a problem, the sooner you will fall in love with your new home.

Display Your Memories


Feel right at home at your new address by displaying your memories. For example, you could frame and hang your favorite photographs of your family and friends on a wall. It can personalize your space and create a cozy property. You also could add a pop of color into a room by adding your children’s works of art in a stylish frame.

Don’t Overlook Stylish Storage Solutions


Function and style go together. Every item should have a place of its own, which can prevent mess and disorder that will create an unpleasant environment. Before you think of color schemes and wallpaper, find and buy the best storage solutions to house your belongings.

Storage can also complement your interior design, as you could buy:

  • Handmade baskets
  • Open bookcases
  • Stylish shelving
  • Storage benches
  • Blanket boxes

The above storage solutions could help you to enjoy a stylish, organized home that will wow every guest who walks through your front door.

Also, don’t overcrowd your house with unnecessary and big items! Storage companies like HenfieldStorage could be very useful in situations like these. Move all the necessary items away, clear your garage or basement, and create a room for entertainment! This will add a lot of value and a special note to your house because everyone likes that place in the house where you can run away from everyday life end enjoy!

Add Many Layers to Absorb Sound


Many new homeowners often choose to live in their home for many weeks or months before embarking on any significant changes. It allows them to get a feel for their surroundings and identify how they will use a room each day. They can then pick the right colors, furniture, and storage solutions to match their exact needs.

However, an unfinished interior can feel clinical and empty, which could make you long for your old address. It is, therefore, essential to find ways to absorb an echoing sound while focusing on your blank canvas. For example, you could lay down a rug and add some textiles, which will cut echoes and make your property feel more homely.

Plus, you should use layering once you have added a splash of paint, applied wallpaper, or chosen your furniture. Adding texture and different materials will make a space feel warm and cozy while adding a touch of personality.

According to Absolute Tiny Houses, all this work is becoming a thing of the past as people are buying smaller homes in order to reduce their expenses as much as possible. You don’t have to do any sound alterations and you can have your house ready quickly after your move in.

Decorate in Your Favorite Colors


Don’t pick a paint color because it is on-trend. If you do, you can guarantee it will be out of style by the end of the year, and you’ll be eager to change your décor once again. Never stop loving your home by decorating your rooms in your favorite hues. 

You also should consider how you want to feel when you enter a space. For example, if you want to feel relaxed and calm each time you step into your bathroom, light blue shades should be a consideration. However, if you want to feel creative and happier when in your home office, decorate it in a yellow hue.

Find the Right Lighting


Lighting has the power to improve a homeowner’s sense of space. For instance, you could make your home more inviting by pulling back the drapes to welcome natural light. It will ensure a room appears bright, airy, and spacious. Also, avoid positioning furniture that blocks sunlight into a room, which can make it look dull and cramped.

You also can use lighting to showcase a room’s focal point. For instance, hanging ceiling lights over an attractive dinner table can create a sense of purpose. You also can create an attractive space by decorating your walls in a light color and introducing plain furniture.

Breathe Life into Your Interior with Colorful Flowers


Flowers have the power to elevate an interior design and improve your mood. A beautiful bouquet in a stylish vase will not only prove to guests that you’re house-proud, but it will add a burst of color and texture into your new property. 

Plus, they could lift your mood and help you to relax. If you don’t have the time to tend to one or more bouquets, opt for low-maintenance flowers, such as amaryllis, hibiscus, and poinsettia.

Create a Signature Scent


Many new homes often have a strong scent of bleach. The previous owner might have scrubbed the property from top to bottom before handing over the keys. As a result, the smell could make your property feel cold and clinical.

To feel happier at your new address, aim to create a signature scent for your home, which will instantly lift your mood when you step inside. For example, you could light your favorite candle or purchase a pleasant reed diffuser.


It can take time to feel comfortable in your new home. While you might have expected to have felt instantly happy at your new address, you might need to familiarize yourself with your surroundings, understand how you will use each room, and find ways to personalize the space. The above tactics could, however, help you to feel happier in the property, which you will likely come to adore with time and patience. Thinking of buying, selling or renting a property in Ontario? Catherine Nacar is a trusted Realtor in Brampton, delivering tailored solutions to your specific needs.