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Being in shape is not only a fad, but it goes further. Health is the most important factor in a person’s life since, without health, we cannot do anything. Obesity and overweight are big problems all around the globe. To have good health and weight, it is not only about eating well or not eating at all but exercising at least 30 minutes a day. Sometimes, whether for work or household chores, there is a lack of time for physical activity, especially if it is a question of going to another place, which consumes more time.

Usually, most people choose to go to yoga, pilates, Zumba or even a gym, but with the lack of time it is impossible to go every day, also, you have thought, how much do you spend per month and/or a year?

If you think that lack of time is your problem, start saving to create your own gym at home. The advantage of this is that, you can use it when you can, as many times as you want and you don’t have to wait for your turn for the equipment. And why not? Invite your friends and family to exercise with you. This is the best option if you do not have time and do not want to pay every month.

In this article, we give you several tips so you can build your home gym in the basement and make it functional.

Adapt a space, the important thing is to want to look good and be healthy

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The first and most essential thing for a home gym is the place. Gyms usually have a nice atmosphere. So, get an exclusive place for your home gym or a space that you can set up. And in most cases, that is the basement. It is usually the space of the house that is unused, and this is the best use.

This design consists of four necessary tools. First a treadmill, then an exercise bike, which like the treadmill and elliptical serves to burn many calories, even for spinning. On the other hand, the dumbbells, also an important element to strengthen muscle. And finally, a multifunctional piece of equipment, which is used to exercise almost the entire body. You don’t even have to go to the store anymore and think about transporting heavy equipment. Just visit from some sites, like, and find everything you need. From dumbbells, to home gyms, treadmills, and everything else.

To the gym at home, you can add decorations, a TV, music, water, and if you think it’s convenient, a mini kitchen to prepare your protein-filled smoothies.

A treadmill or stationary bike is one of the basic devices to exercise at home

One of the first devices that we recommend for your home gym is a treadmill or exercise bike. They are used to walk at the pace you want and run. It is clear that there are different prices and functions. Remember cheap is not the right choice here. Choose a treadmill of an average price, not so cheap because it can fail or so expensive, because there will be functions that you do not need and you will not fully understand, but it is made for commercial gyms.

A stationary bicycle is also an excellent option, especially for those who like to ride a bike, but on rainy days or due to lack of time they can’t do it.

Another option: elliptical

Another necessary but not indispensable working instrument is elliptical. Unlike the treadmill, the elliptical works most of the muscles by highlighting the legs, glutes, abdomen, and arm. If you do not want to spend double, on the treadmill and elliptical we recommend that you think well and decide on the best option, both devices offer the body great health benefits. On the other hand, the elliptical is much more difficult for older people to use, especially due to the coordination and effort required.

Other equipment

If you want to have a gym at home that is not only about weights and equipment, you can also add medicine balls, pilates balls or bosu. There are differences, medicinal balls are used to obtain strength. That is, the medicine balls are heavy, they work similarly to dumbbells. You should also cover the floor of your basement by placing rubber all over the floor, but you can also use mats. Everything that is saving space is a great choice for a small gym.

The extra element, to remove stress

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To obtain the results we want, it is always necessary to give the extra. Consider hanging a boxing bag. You will not only exercise, but you will learn to hit and get more strength in your arms, you will also have fun learning. You can even take some boxing classes and in your spare time, teach a little to perfect yourself. If you do not want the neighbors to see you while you hit the box bag, do not forget to include curtains, if your basement has windows.

A gym with weights, to strengthen muscle

You should have dumbbells. They come in different types and sizes. There are not only like those you see in the gym that only men with muscles can carry them but also for the women. You can do your workout only using dumbbells. There are even tutorials so you can perform dumbbell exercises from your own home. It is not difficult at all! And they are not occupying much space.

Good lighting is essential

It should be bright. Since the basement can’t have much natural light, take advantage of good lighting to make it great. Use light colors on the walls so that the room is also brightened. You can customize the place, nothing better than you feel comfortable when exercising.


Nowadays, you no longer even have to worry about are you doing the exercises properly in a home environment. There are so many online training programs that you can follow from any device. Also, most personal trainers offer training through video calls, so it makes it even easier to achieve fitness goals from the comfort of your own home.