The internet is full of thousands of articles related to the storage system and their characteristics. These articles are quite useful, but at the same time, they neglect the users who have no know-how of technical innovations. And there exist so many people who have no idea and understanding of specifications and device reliability. So, for the convenience of users, I jotted down a few points that will elaborate on the specification of the best QNAP NAS storage systems. Not only had this but also in this article, you will find about at which places they are best suited.

NAS system


NAS stands for a network-attached storage system, a data storage device that assists in sharing information among various groups and clients. The process of sharing can be accessed through the internet or via various networks. This storage and management system are very flexible and adaptable, as they kept evolving their storage system over time. They add additional space to the already present space. It acts as a private cloud in the office that is much cheaper, and faster. Not only this but it can also provide you all the facilities of the pubic cloud without imposing any restriction on data usage.

Moreover, NAS provides amazing file synchronization among various machines and devices please click here for more information. It also offers an amazing solution for data backup i.e. easy and fast restoration to lost data that happens in case of any virus, unintentionally deletion of important documents. Its recovery rate is much faster than common cloud services i.e. DropBox, OneDrive, and many more.

Above you will find a precise introduction of NAS, now let’s move ahead towards our main topic that best QNAP NAS products.

QNAP TS-451+


It is an extremely reliable, stable, and time-tested product. TS-451+ is ranked among the top products that offer a balance between the performance rate and value.

Moreover, by using this product you cannot enhance the storage capacity of any QNAP product, and also it is not ranked among the most powerful available enclosures. But it is equipped with 1900 CPU INTEL CERELON that enhances its performance rate. And make it suitable for using it as a media server in contrast with Plex.

Furthermore, you can amplify the available RAM in it, in case of finding any issue.

TS-451+ has a total of four SSD/HDD drive bays that offers storage up to 64TB. And also, diverse ranges of ports are available. Above all, it is the best NAS storage device that you can use to start your networking.



It is the best storage device for newbies in the world of network-attached storage. And also, for those who are looking for investing in the first NAS closure, TS-231K is considered the best storage device for beginners. Not only this but also this device falls into the category of budget-friendly devices. And it proves quite helpful for those who have projects in long run and wanted to start from scratch.

Furthermore, with a 32-BIT CPU, it is not ranked among top-notch products but budget-friendly price along with two SSD/HDD drive bays ranges to above 32TB is very affordable and fascinating. Not only will this, but also with two ARM processors the power consumption also decreases that proves to be an advantage in a few cases. It is perfectly fine and appropriate, but it lacks one thing that is the RAM can’t be upgraded.



It is a budget-friendly NAS and is best for an average task that does not require many services to run at a time just like in the case of plex. TS-128A is equipped with 64-bit ARM, which is not that much powerful. Along with it, a sing drive bay is also available that allows the storage of 16TB data.

Furthermore, it requires external storage of 16TB and turns the data into something appreciate able. That’s the main reason people use to prefer it for the storage of important data, for keeping important backups of personal computers and laptops, this made them less reliant on other cloud services.

If we talk about its cons, then, TS-128A provides you one drive and enclosure and costs much more than expected and enough. While at the same time, you can easily enjoy the better QNP OS experience on other available premium devices.



It is an excellent value device along with a high-performance rate and reliability. Furthermore, it is equipped with a J45005 processor of Intel Celeron, 2 drive bays that can hold both SSD and HDD disks, supports the capacity of 32TB, and RAM of 4GB that can be easily upgraded to 8GB. These features collectively make it suitable for home file storage.

In other words, it can easily backup your all devices including PC, computers and saves your money that you religiously spend on cloud storage subscriptions.

While talking about its cons, it supports only 1 GB LAN port, also lacks 2.5 GB ports and M.2 slots.


In a nutshell, all the QNAP NAS products carry their pros and cons. Through some, you are receiving performance rate and value while others may lack slots or ports. Therefore, you must select your NAS product wisely by looking at the features that correlate with your necessities. Chose the QNAP NAS by keeping in mind your requirements. And in case of any damage, to NAS, do not get panic and consult the specialist.

All QNAP items accompany a restricted equipment guarantee that incorporates fix administration at no extra expense. For out-of-guarantee items, QNAP gives paid Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) administration dependent on the item harm level and under the condition that the item is repairable and that parts are accessible. On the off chance that your item is flawed, you can present a help pass to QNAP. QNAP client care will check whether RMA administration is required and give subtleties, for example, the assigned fix place dispatching address. In case of unforeseen item harm, QNAP suggests clients regarding the user’s warranty extension.