A productive workplace is a well-organized one, and this applies to every company. Now, just like arranging offices and setting everything up so that employees feel comfortable at work is important, the same is with cleaning those offices, which is something people often forget. That is why having a detailed maintenance plan is so important, and these tips should help you make one.

Tasks that should be done every day

Cleaning the office every day can be pretty annoying, but it is something that needs to be done if we want to enter the clean space the next morning. The work environment is of vast importance, as in order to stimulate employees, you need to arrange everything so that they feel comfortable.

Just look at what big companies do and how much attention and care they dedicate to arranging everything in the workplace so that every employee has multiple options regarding nutrition to various activities. Team building activities are also of great importance, as a good team is one that works like a clock, and by having all these things checked on your list, you can have as productive and efficient employees as possible.

As for maintenance and cleaning the office, making the checklist is the best way to help us organize and shorten the time necessary for cleaning, as we will not spend it thinking about what to do next.

Always start from offices where people spend the most time together


The first room to start is the meeting area, and it is important to check all the trash cans and empty them, clear the floor by vacuuming or sweeping them, dust the furniture, and disinfect all the surfaces and electronics.

The latter one is of even more importance considering everything going on in the world in the past couple of years, which is why disinfecting areas will also show how much you care about the well-being of your employees. That will be of much help in order to set a friendly atmosphere.


After that, it is time to check the bathroom and take care it is in perfect shape for the next working day, as it is probably the most visited room. Each surface needs to be properly cleaned and disinfected, including toilets, urinals, doorknobs, and everything else that people touch often.

Keep in mind that it’s precisely these rooms that employees often complain about, especially when the company is about sales and meeting with clients, as much more care is dedicated to arranging those rooms and areas that clients can see.

In these situations, bathrooms for personnel working there are usually neglected, which should never be the case, so make sure to clean them thoroughly.

Focus on the essentials


Once you are done cleaning the tiles and other items in the bathroom, make sure to check the essentials. That is why the next on the checklists should be mirrors, windows, and floor, and, in the end, it is important not to forget to check whether there is enough soap, toilet paper, and paper towels, as no one likes to find there is not enough of any of them. Once again, arranging everything so that people working here feel at home is the goal, and clean bathrooms will help with that.

The kitchen and dining areas

Okay, this is probably the most important room, as it is the place where the food is prepared and eaten, and because of that, it is crucial to be perfectly clean every time. Because of that, every plate and cutlery needs to be washed and stored for other use, and every appliance, such as the microwave and any others, needs to be cleaned.

Things might get a bit trickier if the kitchen is not that big, but that’s not an excuse not to clean it on a regular basis, on the contrary. Also, you should empty the trash cans, make sure to disinfect every area often touched, and wipe all the chairs, tables, and other surfaces. Doing all these things might take some time, but it’s crucial to create an atmosphere so that when people eat, they feel comfortable, as this also helps stimulate them, which will enhance their overall performance at work.

In the end, it is necessary to check if there are enough paper towels, dishwashing detergent, and other necessary supplies, and clean the floor with an appropriate detergent that will disinfect it.

Tasks that should be done every week


Besides having a detailed plan on which room should be first cleaned, the time schedule and how often cleaning is needed will also be of much help. The list is much shorter for the tasks that should be done every week, but it is important not to forget anything from it.

Emptying the trash cans should be done every day, but washing and disinfecting them once a week is necessary to get rid of all the germs and bacteria.

Other important items that should be detail cleaned and disinfected are the microwave, refrigerator, and other appliances in the kitchen, and all the food should be checked and disposed of if it is not for use anymore.

All floors need to be waxed or polished if we want them to keep their best look for years, as they need proper maintenance, or we will need to replace them faster than we thought.

Besides that, it is important to wash the windows and doors, inside and outside, and make the entire company looks perfect for the next week, but even doing this once in two weeks will do the job, depending on the company, whether it deals with the clients and what type of job is done there.

Hire a professional help

Cleaning the office is much more difficult than it seems and requires a lot of organizational skills, as doing it without a detailed plan can be exhausting. Creating a checklist is a good way to keep track of what should be done next instead of losing time thinking about it, but for some people, even that is not enough. If you are one of them, you might need professional help, and Philadelphia office cleaning companies can help you.