Dog collars are available in a variety of colors, shapes, and designs in general. But some owners want an exclusive that will be produced in units or even a single copy. If you have the same desire, check out custom leather dog collars. You can order an accessory for your pet, specifying all the details regarding its design. In particular, this applies to the inscription, where you can enter your data and the name of your dog.

The advantage here is that your imagination is welcome since you can choose any text you like. But it is recommended to enter data that will help outsiders easily identify the dog and understand who its owner is in case of need.

When is a custom collar used?


Many owners only know the basic tasks a dog collar can do. But, the functions of this accessory also include:

  • control or training, which can be relevant in different cases (hunting, chasing, searching, etc.).
  • decorative, which is especially relevant for custom variants. Often used for dog shows, where you need to make a special impression and be remembered.
  • sports, as it is also used in competitions or special training.
  • every day (for walks).

As you can see, the custom leather dog collars are used for different purposes. Conveniently, you can buy one version and use it for all occasions. But still, each model of the accessory must be examined and reviewed individually.

Dog identification is never superfluous, so as soon as your dog comes into the family, we recommend that you shop for a named accessory. Keep in mind that dogs of certain breeds grow over time, which means you will need to change the collar to a larger size at a later date.  Do not let your pet wear a collar that does not fit properly. This may cause discomfort, so consult the measurement chart to help you understand the measurements. This table may vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. You can also try adjustable dog collars to benefit in the long run. Such collars along with a leash can make your dog walking experience pleasant and less tiring.



Types of dog collars vary in both appearance and function. If you have a large breed of dog, you need to take care not only of the attractive design of the accessory but also that it can perform a restraining function. A secure hold will only be ensured if the right size is chosen along with a combination of quality leather material and sturdy hardware.

Manufacturers have already thought of everything and some models can restrain even the most active dog. This is very convenient and practical because a sharp jerk of such a dog can lead to irreparable consequences both for others and for the dog handler himself. In most cases, dogs quickly adapt to the collar, and over time they do not even notice it.

On the part of owners, the most important thing is to approach the purchase responsibly and take into account the peculiarities of their pets. In addition, the collar will have to be used very often. After all, even when walking you can not do without it, because it serves as identification of the pet. Also find out the peculiarities of operation in advance.