Testosterone can be traced in both men and women, but it is known as a male hormone because of its role. Men have (and should keep it that way) much higher testosterone levels, and it influences a whole range of processes occurring in their bodies.

It increases sexual desire and stimulates the excitability of the genital organs, regulates the activity of endothelial enzymes in the corpora cavernosa, and gives the possibility of achieving and maintaining an erection. Simply put, this hormone increases not only your sex drive but also your abilities.

However, what is particularly interesting is that fluctuations in testosterone levels may have short-term and long-term consequences for the male sexual condition and not only that. That is why it is essential for all men to understand the importance of this hormone. So, although erection problems are the most common cause of men taking interest in their hormone levels, there are other reasons why you should react to drops of testosterone quickly; and usually, you will do it with supplementation.

But don’t make any decisions yourself, always consult with a doctor, and make sure you stay informed. In this article, you will learn all there is to know about testosterone, why it is so important, and when and why you should supplement it.

Check Your Overall Health


Diseases, complications, and pharmacotherapy affect general health and sexual performance. Symptoms of emerging diseases are not always visible. Therefore, it is recommended to perform a general urine test once a year. Plus, don’t forget about blood tests to measure: testosterone, morphology, and lipid profile; only then can your general practitioner recommend the best testosterone supplements, which You could find on, or any other treatment if there’s a need.

Regular examinations should be included in every calendar. If you suspect you have problems with low testosterone levels, go for a more general test in the process. It is always good to know what condition your body is in. Sometimes it is enough to take care of your overall health to improve the condition of specific organs and systems in the organism.

If you already have a diagnosed disease, you should analyze the side effects of your medications, and, if you can, choose those that don’t disturb sexual functions. Also, to improve the erection, it is necessary to give up harmful substances, such as cigarettes, drugs, legal highs or steroids, and limit alcohol consumption.

Why is Testosterone so Important?


Testosterone is an ingredient that is crucial for libido and erectile system to function correctly. What seems to be essential is testosterone playing a role in both the synthesis of nitric oxide and dopamine.

Nitric oxide makes your blood vessels relax more effectively, letting the blood enter your genitals and making your erection bigger. On the other hand, dopamine is a neurotransmitter responsible for the willingness to act and experience a pleasure. Testosterone has a real effect on increasing dopamine synthesis and its release in the brain, thus “turning up” your dopaminergic system.

How Should You Know if You Need a Testosterone Supplement?


There are many symptoms that can tell you about possible problems with low levels of the “male hormone”. Do the tests, but most of all, watch your body carefully every day. Meticulous observation and knowledge about signals from the body will allow you to better describe the condition to your doctor and find a supplement that will help you.

You may consider taking testosterone supplements when you develop any erectile dysfunction. From a medical point of view, such malfunctions occur when:

  • You have a full erection, but there is a problem with maintaining it during intercourse,
  • An erection only occurs when the intercourse is sudden,
  • You have an incomplete erection that is insufficient for having sex,
  • An erection does not appear at all.

The symptoms must last for six months minimum and cannot be caused by alcohol, psychoactive substances, or medications. Thus, rare situations in which maintaining an erection during intercourse were a problem don’t necessarily mean you have a serious dysfunction. However, they can cause discomfort, anxiety, or conflict between partners, so it is worth taking some steps to help maintain an erection for a long time.

Adverse Effects of Testosterone Deficiency


Androgen deficiency makes a man insensitive to signals sent by his partner. They gradually show less interest in sex and lose the ability to achieve satisfactory intercourse. The worst part of all this, however, is that some of the consequences of low testosterone levels may turn out to be long-term.

Cavernous bodies in the penis turn out to be extremely sensitive to testosterone deficiency – when the level of this hormone decreases, they change their structure. The amount of smooth muscle fibers in the corpora cavernosa is reduced and replaced by collagen fibers, which results in a reduction in blood flow to the penis during sexual arousal.

Sometimes, an increased accumulation of fat cells within the cavernous bodies can be observed. This results in a decreased ability to get and maintain an erection. Testosterone deficiency, therefore, affects the condition of the anatomical structures involved in preserving sexual performance.

To effectively get rid of the problem, supplementation with products that affect the level of testosterone in the body should be carried out regularly. The only consistency in treatment works.


Testosterone deficiency can turn out to be dangerous to your health. If you suspect that this applies to you – test it and make sure. You may need testosterone supplements to help you regain your sexual performance.

Testosterone is able to help with many problems that affect men today. It is important to use possible methods and overcome difficulties related to libido. Such ailments, when they are noticed quickly, have a chance for more effective treatment. That’s why you should consider running tests first.

In the case of sexual dysfunction, delaying the treatment may negatively affect your psyche, relationship, and overall health. So please take care of yourself and your well-being and initiate some good changes that will make your life more colorful.