Warm weather is upon us, and we are all thinking about taking a welcomed vacation. But where to go when the situation is still dire? Off-road buffs and UTV fans have a less hard time with such choices than other tourists do. After all, they can always hop their SxS vehicles upon their trailers and go somewhere in open space to enjoy the great outdoors (and some adrenaline) far from the madding crowd. There is no better way to keep up with the social distancing rules, stay healthy, and protect others than taking your UTV on a trail, a dune area, or up there to the mountains for an off-road vacation as one deserves. So it’s time to dust off your ride and prep for the road, as the great outdoors is still there, waiting!

Get your UTV ready for a long trip


If you can’t wait to reach an area where you can breathe, rest, have some off-road fun and enjoy Nature’s stillness, silence, and majestic beauty, stop to think about some things. Your trailing UTV probably sat alone somewhere collecting dust. Before you take it for a spin, service it properly, as you don’t want it to break down in the middle of nowhere. It is one thing for an SxS to betray you on your farm and a whole lot another to drop dead where no tow truck can ever cross that challenging terrain.
Take the UTV to an authorized service if you identify issues with the breaks, the fuel tank, the driveline, and so on.
Inspect the tires and the frames and take to a pro service in case it needs fixing;
Make sure you check the level oils and the state of the coolant (low or dirty are not good signs).
Taking your UTV for a spin around the neighborhood (only if it’s legal) is always the best option before you lose yourself in the magnitude and risks of an off-road trail or a desert.

Upgrade your side-by-side according to the destination and the trip’s purpose


To keep all your systems in check, experts also recommend you visit some professional aftermarket parts shops for spare parts and tool kits, so no unpleasant surprise ruins your vacation. Get the latest upgrades for the new off-roading season and make sure all the parts you get so they match your destination. For instance, invest in a professional roll cage if you’re testing your riding skills on the difficult trails of the Moab.
Moreover, if you are into some moderate or pro UTV racing, check out Rad Parts for premium racing accessories for your side-by-side. Make sure you get new safety gear and race-dedicated vehicle mods and upgrades according to the competition’s organizers. If your destination is a mud trail or a dense forest, make sure you get the tires right for this job together with a 4-point harness, seat belt bypass connectors, side mirrors, trailing arm guards, a new exhaust, and so on.
Before you go, pack all your spare parts, repair kits, apparel, racing equipment, and camping/hiking gear. Tune up your UTV and make sure you are ready for anything while you are out there in the wilderness. Don’t forget to upgrade your vehicle with powerful LED lights for night travel, GPS, a fire extinguisher, radio, and so on.

Ensure you have insurance

Now, we don’t want to spoil your fun, but keep an eye on your vehicle’s insurance policies. If you carry your own UTV to a specific destination, make sure your insurer covers both your trailer and your side-by-side. In the case of a longer vacation, you might want to get some special type of insurance that covers the contents of your vehicle (camping & hiking gear, spare parts, personal effects, etc.), and other unfortunate circumstances, such as extreme weather phenomena or even vandalism.
For those who don’t ride alone but take the whole family/gang of adventurers with them, we have only one thing to say: make sure you discuss with your insurer about medical coverage for you and your passengers. Whatever happens, your policy can cover – to some extent – a couple of medical bills, legal fees, and so on.

Choose the best destination for your riding skills

If you are a veteran of UTV riding, you probably already have a list of destinations you want to experience or try again this year. We bet you already tried the Moab or the Imperial Sand Dunes in California, but how about a trip to the Mojave desert? After all, Las Vegas is more than just casinos and nightlife!
So here are some suggestions of trails and off-road destination to try this year to spark your curiosity in case you haven’t tried them yet:

The Mojave desert


Speaking of Las Vegas, there is no way you could say no to seeing the Mojave desert in absolute style! If you brought your UTV here, but your travel companions don’t have one of their own, they can rent some sporty rides, with Polaris RZR taking the cake for the most beloved rental UTV in the area!

The Katahdin Lodge trail in Maine


Legendary writer Stephen King made Maine famous by portraying it as a thrilling, mysterious, and supernatural land. So if thrills are what you seek, you should try out the Katahdin Lodge. Here, you can ride your UTV, ATV, motorcycle, dirt bike, and SUV while enjoying the gravel pits, dense verdant forest, waterfalls, and stream crossing. This trail connects to the Aroostook County ATV Trail System, so you have hundreds and hundreds of miles of adventures before you.

Hidden Falls adventure park, Texas


Rocky dirt trails, solid rock sections, soft mud, hard-packed dirt? All checked, and then some! Whether you bring your UTV here or ATV/motorbike/truck, you will find something to be thrilled about, and we don’t mean just the breathtaking scenery. Find the trails marked for your skill level, and you are good to go!

Final thoughts

Getting far from the madding crowd with your UTV needs some preparation, so we hope you service and upgrade your Side-by-Side properly. Never forget home your certified helmet and protective gear, together with your camping pack and some sunscreen. When everything is ready, ride into the sunset in the search for your next outdoor off-road adventure!