Almost every older adult will want to do away with the skin disfigurements associated with aging. Luckily, with the discovery of different cosmetic treatments, individuals can now comfortably reverse the signs of aging. The choice of treatment procedure depends on the condition that you are having on your skin. For example, if you want to eliminate facial lines and wrinkles by relaxing the facial muscles, Fort Worth Botox is your best choice. Here are 5 crucial things you should do to prepare for the botox treatment.

1. Research on the Botox Treatment

It would be absurd to undergo the botox injection without knowing what it entails. Gather information to know what you should expect during the procedure. You will understand more about the drug used in botox and its potential side effects through your research. You should get the information from credible sources such as the websites of botox experts.

2. Manage Your Stress


At the appointment time, you should be free of any stressful circumstances. Being a medical appointment makes you more anxious, especially if it is your first-time botox appointment. Therefore, before the procedure, you should engage in stress management exercises such as meditation to ease the deep thoughts. Visit your mental therapist if you cannot manage the stress alone.

3. Quit Smoking and Alcohol Consumption

Your immune system depends on the lifestyle habits that you adopt. Therefore it is good to be cautious about what you do before the botox treatment bearing in mind that it involves injections. Avoid smoking before the appointment since it can expose you to bruising and retard recovery after the botox injection. It would be best if you also took this opportunity to quit alcohol consumption since it can compromise your immunity, exposing you to infections after the botox treatment.

4. Talk About Your Medications

Before the appointment, discussing the medicines and supplements that you are taking with your health provider is a good idea. Notably, some medications, such as muscle relaxants, can interfere with the blood flow, increasing the chances of bleeding after the injection. Your doctor will recommend you stop taking these medicines, although they will provide a necessary alternative to ensure that you stay healthy before the procedure.

5. Use the Arnica Montana on Your Skin


Some people are vulnerable to bruising even after a minor scratch. Applying the arnica cream on your skin before injection can help to reduce the chances of getting bruises. However, you should not apply this cream to the injection area after the botox. While handling the arnica cream, ensure that it does not spill on other open wounds on your body since it can have side effects.

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