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Choosing between the two blender options is very difficult as they both contain almost the same features. So, how will you make a choice and choose the best one?

Vitamix is a company that manufactures blenders and have recently introduced their top-line variants known as the G-Series. If you want to make a choice between whether to purchase the 7500 variant blender or the 750 models, we will assist you by classifying their characteristics. You can also consider visiting to comprehend how the 750 variant is different from 7500. Here, you will also find assistance in buying your desired model.

Know about the performance and their operations which will help you utilize the equipment conveniently in the long run. Make an informed decision through our article, so that you will not have to regret your purchase later.

To give an overview of both the options, the 750 variant has additional features and programs added and provides better performance than the 7500 blenders. This makes the 750 variant model costlier than the other option. But, if you want to go for a choice of a blender with upgraded characteristics and one that can handle varied tasks, we suggest opting the 7500 type. Let us know why you are advised to do so.

Difference between the two

Although both the models are standard blenders and have some features which are similar between the two options, both of them have differences too. Know the primary points of conflicts that occur when they are used.

Five-Preset Settings

You get a control feature of ten variable speeds in the 7500 variant. But, as far as the 750 variant is considered, five preset settings are provided in addition to the same supervision feature of 10 variable speeds. With the help of such settings, a user can conveniently prepare soup, smoothies, shakes, frozen desserts, etc. Hence, if you are looking for modern settings in your option, the 750 variant is definitely the option that you should consider buying.


As far as the pricing is concerned the 750 variant is costlier than the other blender. The 7500 model is cheaper than the 750 models. You can choose to buy that, but then you won’t get the ease of preparing anything in minutes.

Also, you will not get the manual or the cookbook and tamper with the 7500 model. All of these are provided with the 750 variant blender. If you look forward to buying such convenient tools individually, then the cost estimated would be similar to the 750 models. The decision is entirely up to you regarding which one to buy.

Recipe Book

As mentioned earlier, you don’t get a cookbook along with the 7500 variant blender. Thus, if you already have one, it would be a lot easier for you to cook. But, if you don’t have one, you need to purchase it along with the 7500 model. On the contrary, when you buy the 750 variant blender, you get a recipe book along with the blender. You must look for sources that are more reliable and buy one for yourself from there.

Tamper Stick

You don’t get a tamper stick along with the 7500 variant blender, but a stick is provided along with the 750 models. You will find that some vendors remove the tamper stick from its packaging, and reduce the price of that model. It is a lot helpful and it is time-efficient while cooking. Put the ingredients that you want to blend into the jar, start the blender. By using the tamper stick you can bring out the perfect texture by pushing it into the mixture.

User Interface

When you have a first glance at both the blenders, you will assume that the look and the appeal are the same for both. The 750 model has a more modern as well as a perfectly sleek look that makes it appear updated. However, you get standard features offered in both picks. There is a major difference between the two selections in terms of the speed dial. You get the convenience of hands-free operation for the 750 variant.

Reasons why Vitamix 750 is better than Vitamix 7500?

You get motor power with both the variants, but there is a difference between the two. The 7500 model contains the next-gen motor power, whereas the 750 variant contains a commercial-grade kind of motor.

Five-preset settings are provided in the 750 models, along with the variable control features. This adds to the comfort of preparing several other dishes and drinks of your choice. Prepare hot soups, desserts, puree, etc. anything just by blending the stuff together. Also, it adds to the convenience of the walk-away. It means that when the task of blending is done, it automatically gets switched off.

With the 750 models, you can choose to simply add your food items to the container. Do this even when you are using the machine. It has a 2-piece neoprene rubber lid that adds to the convenience. However, this feature is not present in the other blender.

You get an upgraded version of the blender with modern features if you go for the 750 variant pick. Whereas, the 7500 model is the older version that lacks modern features for convenience.

The procedure of comparing the two models of Vitamix is perplexing. Both of them have several unique features that make them an option that would outbid its competitors very easily.

The bottom line

You might find it difficult to make a choice between the 750 and 7500 models. However, you can say that in terms of features, Vitamix 750 is more comprehensive than the 7500 model. The energy boost feature contained in these models helps you to easily chop, grind, or blend almost anything conveniently in your kitchen. You can make almost anything, right from plain and simple smoothies to frozen dessert, with the 750 models. 7500 performs equally well when you have the cookbook.