A home should be a person’s sanctuary—their safe space. And the place where they can truly relax and forget the stress and chaos of the outside world.

It is important to build a house and establish a cozy and comfortable space where you can rest well after a long day or just sit around and unwind before you go out and start the day. Nothing is more de-stressing than a home that’s so refreshing!

If you’re someone who’s planning to create something new in your place, you should consider making a secret garden where you can enjoy reading a book, drink your daily dose of coffee or tea, and just relax while appreciating the beauty of nature at the comforts of your home. At Outdoor Art Pros, they have home decorations and products that will help you create the ideal space you want, ensuring a home you wouldn’t want to go away for far too long.

Below are some helpful and creative ideas you can recreate with the help of your Outdoor Art Pros decors for a comfortable, trendy, and bright garden you can have, all by yourself. Or something you can brag to your visitors. Don’t worry! It surely works great both ways!

Create a mystery path by making an entryway from your house to the garden


You may do this by constructing a little stone walkway into which your visitors can step, with flower plants on both sides of the route.

If you want to make it feel more like you’re inside a fairytale book, add two or more plant supports on both sides and fill it up with hanging plants/flowers. This will add shape and emphasis to your garden and would undoubtedly intrigue guests as to what’s behind the enchanting path.

You can also add some fantasy touch to it by having statuaries on your entryway. This will make your guests feel welcomed.

You can go with animal statues if you’re more into nature and just refreshing green designs. Religious figures if you prefer your garden to be more “flowery” and all bright. Or, try the mythical ones if you want to decorate your garden with many earth tones. There are several ways you can guide your guests and yourself into a mystical environment where you may all find peace and tranquility. Choose the best one that represents “you”!

Make your garden feel alive by placing birdbaths


Birdbaths make nature’s beauty come to you. With this aesthetically pleasing standing cylinder, you can make people feel at home and for birds and other little wild animals to have a place they can relax with. Their presence will surely make your garden a lot livelier and also helps in giving nutrients to your plants and flowers.

Outdoor Art Pros offer a whole lot of variety when it comes to birdbath designs. From the classic plain yet elegant looking ones to the more modern ones with more shape patterns. You can purchase different styles for the other areas in your garden.

As a suggestion, birdbaths would look good if placed in an area where it’s not really obvious. Say, like the corners where flowers and other plants are surrounding it. That way, when birds and other animals come, your garden would look more complete and picturesque. Or, you can also try placing a birdbath near a mini bench in your garden. It would feel more like being in a park and will also give a friendlier vibe in the garden.

Never forget the classic water fountains


Outdoor water fountains may help you add different dynamics to your secret garden. What could be more soothing to hear than bird songs and flowing water? Water fountains are a common need when designing a garden area, but these elegant-looking fixtures will never go out of style.

Rest assured, no matter the size of your garden, there will be more than one water fountain that will suit perfectly in your space. For a spacious and more expansive garden, you can try pulling off those classic large outdoor fountains. It will help you maximize the area and will also become an eye-catcher for visitors. No need to worry about “looking too much” as large outdoor fountains don’t really need a lot of side decorations, so you can leave it as it is, in maybe at the center of your garden, and let its elegant waterworks do the talking for you.

There are also miniature fountains for smaller spaces that would look good no matter where you put them. Cast-stones fountains are commendable, however, for this placement, because of their incredible durability. You can place these fountains around your vines or other plants, and they wouldn’t look old or faded. It’s perfect for little gardens that don’t have much shade because they can withstand any kind of weather.

Outdoor water fountains can also improve the ambiance of your garden, so make sure to consider this classic garden decoration in your home must-haves!

Add more vibrance to your secret garden with Canvas Art


Don’t be afraid to experiment and try new ways of decorating your secret garden. It is your safe space, after all. So, it should include things that you like and stuff that would make you feel good as well.

If you enjoy the arts and other forms of creativity, you should consider having a magnificent canvas painting in your hidden garden! Canvas art is no longer restricted to being a kind of interior decoration. You may add some color to your outside space by hanging one of your favorite or favorite paintings.

If you have gardens featuring high and wide walls, you might want to try creating a mini-exhibit by hanging canvas paintings on the walls. You may utilize the walls to your advantage and make your space more attractive! Everything would still work wonderfully well!

You have to choose your paintings wisely, though, and purchase those that would go well with your theme and will give you the perfect contrast that would complete the final touches of your secret garden.

Creating your own secret garden will not only improve the physical look of your homes. It is also a way of prioritizing yourself and creating a place where you can heal, be candid, and just feel safe from everything. It is a form of self-love and a motivation to live a better life.