When we observe the origin and development of the human race, we notice phenomena that have been present in people’s lives, from prehistory to the present day. Gambling is one of those activities, which have accompanied man since its inception. From drawings on cave walls showing people throwing pebbles, pieces of bone, and bones to see the future, through Egypt, Greece, Rome, all the way to modern history, we have evidence that gambling has always existed, as a game, a passion, and often and vice.

Today’s world is closely connected with all kinds of games of chance. In casinos, bookmakers, hotels, TV lotteries, online and almost everywhere we can encounter some kind of gambling. No wonder an addiction called “pathological gambling” or compulsive gambling has been included, as a diagnosis, in the International Classification of Diseases.

In order to prevent such behavior and thus disorders, addictions, and material losses the concept of “responsible gambling” was created. Adherence to the high standards of this concept is necessary, precisely in order to prevent behavioral disorders, gambling addiction, and all the troubles that the sum of these problems brings with it. More about responsible gambling and how it affects casino players, find out below.

What is responsible gambling?


Responsible gambling is a concept that stems from an initiative by the gambling industry. The gambling industry no longer wanted a bad reputation, so they decided to establish a set of responsibilities that would be adhered to by all those who were in some way connected with working in the casino and in the gambling industry.

Responsible gambling certainly has a great impact on establishing high-quality standards, but also on providing all users of casino services with a safer gambling environment. When we say safer, we mean both data protection and protecting them and not allowing them to slip into addiction.

Gambling must be seen as a fun activity and nothing more. Anyone who thinks this is a way to make money is on a very dangerous path leading to addiction.

Most people look that way at gambling, as a pastime and count all the money they spend on gambling as if it has already been lost. So if they win, great, but also if they lose, they will have no implications for their lives. But there are those who are risking their salaries, rents, and much more.

How it affects casino players?


It affected casino players in many ways. Of course, all these ways are positive and if both the casino and the players try to follow all the rules, recommendations, regulations, and so on, a very healthy approach to gambling is created from which nothing bad will result, but only a fantastic pastime.

Areas of responsible gambling

And now we will take a look at the areas of responsible and safe gambling so that you can fully see what the “responsible gambling” concept affects in practice.

Protection of minors


Underage gambling is a very present problem and that is why it is one of the things that first had to be addressed in order to achieve responsible gambling.

Many young people, who are under the age of 18 or 21, depending on the law in a particular country, want to gamble even though it is prohibited by law. This is something that had to be eradicated, and posed a bigger problem for online casinos than brick and mortar ones, due to data verification. But there are certainly ways to prevent underage gaming by introducing mandatory steps during registration.

Online payment


Online casinos are becoming increasingly popular, and if not already, in the next few years they will have higher revenues than brick and mortar ones.

That is why providing secure payment methods has become mandatory. Platforms must be created so that all players are completely sure that their money will not be stolen. And that they would always be able to have access to the money, withdraw it, and so on. Online casinos, therefore, approach the process of choosing payment options very carefully, as well as protecting their software from cyber-attacks.

Customer data protection


In order to register at an online casino, in most cases, it is necessary to submit a photo of a national ID, passport, or some similar official document. As well as your bank account information. While this is good practice to prevent minors from gambling, there is still some risk in giving out your personal information.

Care must be taken that all player’s details are safe and to maintain their privacy. Online criminal attacks can compromise such data and have a huge negative impact on the reputation of a particular online casino, and also put the player in trouble. As we can read on this site, there are also no verification casinos, which are certainly a popular choice because there you do not have to submit personal information.

Addiction prevention


There is a certain type of people who are considered vulnerable gamblers and then special attention must be paid to their protection. Some people are more susceptible to addictions of all kinds, including casino games, sports betting, and the like.

They spend all their money on it and spend whole days just gambling. It is a very serious disease, as we said in the introduction, and must be treated. But it is best to work on prevention, so as to avoid addiction in the first place.

In order not to affect normal life, many casinos have introduced the limits of money that can be spent in one day, the time that can be spent on the website, and the like. These are very effective methods because if you limit someone’s ability to spend all the money and spend half a day on a website, they are unlikely to become addicted. There are also additional options, which the player can turn on, in order to further limit himself and therefore protect his money, time, and life after all.


Responsible gambling is of utmost importance for gambling to be what it should be. And that is our favorite pastime during which we will have fun, hang out with friends, watch sports matches, and the like.