Each of us has different personality types, and there’s nothing more fun than picking the perfect jacket based on it. Whether you want to look sassy, professional, or simply casual, there’s always a jacket for you and your personality.

Luckily, seeing you here today is no accident. Below, we have listed the best jacket types that will fit who you are. Since temperatures are starting to get colder as we are fast approaching the end of the year, this article is just what you need.

The Brave and the Bold

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For those who want to unleash their inner Lara Croft or Indiana Jones, leather jackets are for you. There’s nothing better than showing how brave you are fashionwise. That’s why leather jackets hit the spot for this one.

Who said leather jackets are only for riders? That isn’t the case here! If you just want to have a walk in the park or go to the theatre with a friend, a leather jacket is your back. Not to mention, that material quality alone can stand a beating!

Chic and Hip

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For the trendsetters out there, rock it out with fur coats for that ultimate look. Not only fur coats will make you an eyecatcher, but they also provide warmth even on the coldest of days.

It’s like wearing your favorite blanket that makes you cozy wherever you are. Fur coats are also great for the winter season too. If you are planning to go on a winter adventure with your friends and family, fur coats are your trusty best friend.

The Adventurers

For those who love to seek adventure, you are probably a person that’s always up for everything no matter what life throws in the way. And for that, a Nuptse jacket fits right for you. These puffy jackets give you the best of both worlds of protection and confidence.

There are plenty of brands that have made Nuptse jackets, with North Face being at the forefront of all of them. The material quality of this jacket is to die for! They act like winter jackets as well, which is perfect if you are going for a winter getaway later this year.

Edgy Yet Stylish

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Emotions are uncontrollable sometimes, but we are still human at the end of the day. So it’s perfectly fine to be edgy and defensive. Better yet, why not turn that into a fashion statement? For that, this is where duster jackets come into play. These long-fitting coats/jackets will give you the comfort you need while looking more stylish than ever.

Mostly made for women, some brands do unisex duster jackets too. The best part? Duster jackets are waterproof too, but depending on the brand, of course. No amount of light rain will bring off the style of your duster jackets. Now you can still rock without losing how fashionable you want to be.

Intelligent and Skillful

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Of course, who can forget smart people? They are the ones who tend to create new ideas without the verge of giving up. They can also be great friends too because who doesn’t love intellectuals, right? This is where trench coats are the right fit that they can always rock on!

Those trench coats are a godsend thanks to their stylish looks and comfort. To help you get that perfect fit, opt for a trench coat that is made out of wool. They are soft, cozy, and are not harsh for the skin too.

It’s a great idea to wear them if you’re near the shore or hanging out on a floating platform near the beach. Now you don’t have to worry about skin rashes whenever you want to wear your favorite trench coat. With the right material, you can have a trench coat that gives you the best of both worlds of comfort and style.

The Baddest One in Town

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When we say bad, it doesn’t mean “hateable” bad. What we meant for being bad means having a strong personality that will never ponder on the troubles that come in the way. For this one, a belted blazer is just what you need. Belted blazers are best in durability since most of them are made from high-end fabrics. What’s more? They give you extra security as well and come in a variety of designs too.

Tips in Buying Jackets

Now that you know what jackets suit best for your personality type, here are a few tips for you to follow when buying one.

  • Choose a reliable manufacturer – always buy from a manufacturer that you can trust. If you prefer to do it online, Fangyuan jackets OEM is a good place to shop on, click here to visit their website. A quick Google search will take you to thousands of other shops as well.
  • Quality check – nothing worse than buying a jacket just to find out it didn’t last for weeks. So always do a material quality check before you add them to your cart. Not to mention, checking the price is just as crucial as checking the quality too.
  • Size matters – although jackets seem like they are catered for any size at first glance, you still need to determine the perfect fit just like the shirt or shorts you wear. So don’t be fooled just because jackets look “baggy” but always choose the right size that suits just for you.
  • Wash compatibility – jackets have different types of fabric and it’s best to know what washing type fits for them. Should you go with a machine wash or hand wash? Whatever that may be, always wash your jackets the right way to prevent the fabric quality from wearing down.


Wearing fashionable jackets depending on your personality type is the best way to style up no matter where you go. And also remember that wearing face masks is still a must-do today especially that the threat of COVID is still real. And contrary to what most people think, face masks are still fashionable!

Just choose the medical-grade ones that are colored in black so they can go well with whatever your outfit is. So we hope that this thorough article has helped you out in choosing the best jacket that suits who you are.

And we hope these tips we listed in the final section make you look as fashionable as you can with your chosen jacket. Should you have any further concerns and questions, feel free to comment below and we’ll be glad to have a chit-chat with you.