A roof’s basic lifespan can range from 10 years to 20 years. Some can even last for 50 years to 100 years, depending upon the material used. You can see that East Asian roofs that are made of metals can last for 100 years if and only if they are maintained and cleaned and polished from time to time. They are also reusable so that can help a lot because you just have to fix them and maintain them just so you can use them again, but sometimes, roofs require a full makeover, a complete overhaul has to be done to replace the entire roof, and install a new one on it. This cannot be done by a local roofer; this can only be done by professional roofers.

There are many things that homeowners avoid, or they just cannot see properly when it comes to knowing if the roof needs to be replaced or not. Sometimes people make the grave mistake of changing the entire roof just because a small part of it is broken and is leaking with water or dirt and sunlight are coming from it. This is not easy on the pockets because a roof can cost a lot when it comes to replacing it. There are some things that you need to keep in mind before you know for sure that your roof needs to be replaced or else you can make the same mistake that was mentioned before.

Since only professional roofers know how to install every kind of roof then it is only common to hire professional roofers that can install metal roofs, wood roofs, green roofs, and all kinds of other roofs that local roofers are not aware of at all. Solar roofs are very popular these days only professional roofers know how to fix them and high pricing is made for these kinds of roofs. Therefore, for local roofers, this is something that is quite hard to do, almost impossible but not for professional roofing companies.

So, how to know your roof needs replacement?


Here is how you can know that:

Check the shingles, see if they are damaged


if they are, then it is time to get a new roof installed.

The one surefire way of knowing that your roof needs replacement is to go directly to the shingles. The shingles are the main things that keep the roof intact and make sure that the roof is overall structured and formed like a bed, if the shingles start to wear out and are damaged then this is a sign that the roof needs replacement because these damaged shingles will not be protecting you from anything. The damaged shingles will let the rain, sun, wind, and dirt all come into the house.

Aside from the weather, the damaged shingles can let insects such as mosquitos, ants, and all the other kinds of harmful insects inside the house which can further increase the chances of you or your loved ones getting sick, catching dengue, malaria, and other kinds of diseases that can be fatal. Damaged shingles can also decrease the overall look of the house which is a big red sign that you need a new roof, a better roof that can bring back the aesthetics and the protection factor for you.

Dirt and mold start to build up and make it extremely dirty


This is when you should know that your roof needs replacement. This is a dire situation because a dirty roof can bring with it all sorts of problems that you just do not want to deal with at all. When a roof is not cleaned over time, it can build itself up with dirt, dust, and mold, and through the weeks this mold can mix together with dew to start making different types of plants. This can increase even more complications and problems, the mold and dew then keep mixing up to make the roof weaker and weaker until it starts to break.

The dirt on the roof can make the overall temperature of the house a little hotter than usual, it can make the house so hot that you will be needing an air conditioner to soothe the temperature. The air conditioner will be used a lot as well because of the hot weather.

Furthermore, you will be increasing the chances of rodents coming into the house due to the broken parts of the roofs. The overall look of the house will look like a forest or an old house in a suburban barren land. This look can decrease the value of your house and that is something that should be in check all the time because you never know when you might need to sell your house.

Your neighbors are replacing their roofs


This is something that is part of human nature. When something new comes along, everyone wants it and they have all the right to want it. No one should stay away from what will make them happy. This is one of the reasons why you need to replace your roof and for good reason. This is not for any shallow reason; it is for you to make sure that your house is up-to-date with the latest materials.

Furthermore, these new materials that your neighbors are using to replace their roof might help them decrease their energy bills, or it can make their house rank the highest when it comes to selling it. The overall appeal of the house will make all the other houses lose their value and you do not want that in case you want to sell the house someday or whenever.

Summing up

These are the main reasons why you should replace your roof: if the shingles are damaged, if dirt and mold start to bring in new issues, and if your neighbors are getting new roofs—all valid reasons. And if you are in any one or two or all of these situations then you need to contact a professional roofing company to get started on your own new roof.

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