As an employee, you have certain rights, and you need to take action when those rights are violated. Unfortunately, not many people know their legal options and rights, and expectedly, they don’t get the justice they deserve. Instead of figuring out things, try to consult a Virginia employment attorney.

An employment attorney will be involved with all the issues an individual might face as an employee. An employment attorney specializes in employment law. Here are some circumstances when one should consider talking to a lawyer. Click here for more information.

When One Need Help Understanding Your Employment Contract


Because there is immediate enthusiasm for getting an offer, people often sign employment contracts without understanding if it is fair or what the terms & conditions mean. Take some time to read the employment contract, and if you do not understand much, let an attorney explain key details. The lawyer will also explain the clauses in the contract, which can often be hard to understand.

If there are issues that need attention, the lawyer can help negotiate better terms and work on clauses that may pose problems. The importance of consulting and employment attorneys means that they will understand the job responsibilities and legal obligations better.

The non-disclosure agreement of the contract needs to be read closely and the lawyer you hire will be able to help understand what is expected of you. Understand the duties as an employee who is a part of the organization they are employed at. Termination often results when some rule an employee did not understand. It is therefore important to protect your job in whichever means possible.

When Your Employment Contract Is Violated

If the terms of your employment contract were violated, one could possibly take legal action against the employer. You have to hire an attorney to know the legal aspects of your case. For instance, if the employer has been violating safety norms and regulations or refuses to give you pregnancy leave entitlements, one could get help from an attorney. All your conversations with an employment lawyer would be private.

When One Is A Victim Of Discrimination


We all know that workplace discrimination is common, and yet, not many employees know how to take immediate action. An employment attorney can offer legal advice on pursuing a discrimination case. Any form of discrimination at work is prohibited, and no matter how small the matter may seem, don’t step back from seeking guidance. It could refer to something like facing verbal abuse because of your race or national origin or something more serious like sexual harassment.

When You Have a Wrongful Termination Claim

Virginia is an at-will employment state, but if you were wrongly fired by your employer or your severance rights were violated, talk to a lawyer. If you believe that the termination is because of age, sex, gender, or disability, one could pursue a wrongful termination claim.

Contact an attorney soon because one is needed to take action without delay. Do not step back because everyone deserves justice and dignity.

If you believe that you have been unlawfully fired by your employer, one may be thinking about pursuing a wrongful termination case. However, handling this type of case on your own can be challenging. Keep in mind that one needs to prove the illegality of the termination. This is the reason one needs to hire a Wrongful Termination attorney in Virginia to handle the case for you. Your lawyer will protect your rights and help one secure the compensation they deserve. It is a wise idea to pursue a wrongful termination case and hire an attorney if your termination has to do with the following:



Under state and federal law, employers are prohibited from discriminating against employees for their protected characteristics such as age, gender, race, religion, disability, and others. If you lost your job for being part of any of the protected classes, an employment attorney can pursue legal action in court.


If you have been fired because your views, behavior, and stands do not favor the employer, then one may have a good wrongful termination case. Often, those who blow the whistle fall victim to illegal discharge. Also, termination due to unlawful workplace activities such as funds misappropriation and sexual harassment is illegal. Thankfully, whistleblowers are protected by law against retaliation. An attorney can collect evidence to prove that the company terminated the employement due to retaliation.

Violation of a Public Policy

Every employer in Virginia must adhere to strict public policy. Therefore, if the boss terminated the job in a way that breaks a public policy, see your attorney, so they can assess the case. For example, in case a woman loses her job for becoming pregnant, the employer violated the public policy that applies to sick employees.



Although an employer can fire an employee at any time, they must give reasons for such a decision. In a lot of workplaces, employers may argue that a worker said something that negatively affects the morals of their companies. In this situation, one must consult an attorney to counter such allegations. Employers must not engage in defamations. A skilled attorney understands employment laws, particularly those associated with defamation.

Broken Promises

In some workplaces, things can easily get ugly. Employers can promise their workers things they could not honor such as payments and working conditions. If your boss fired you after you asked for what you have been promised, see a lawyer and know your legal options. Just consulting will open many pathways which one might not have thought of.

Your lawyer does not have magical powers so expect them to help only if the proof of the promises exists somewhere. Consulting a legal expert will help in exploring the options in such a case and will help in understanding if the contract is valid or not in a particular context.

As an Employer

Only an employee is not liable to contact legal experts in case of any issue. One can get in touch with an employment lawyer in the state of Virginia if any of the following situations occur:

  • Collective bargaining procedure demands for legal representation on behalf of the organization an employer is representing.
  • If there is a big lay off scheduled soon or any other termination of contract.
  • One should also get legal help in case they want to modify anything in the pension plans for the employees.
  • An employee has filed a case of discrimination against the employer specifically or against teh oraganization itself. One would require defense lawyers who specialize in employment laws in Virginia.

An attorney who specializes in labor laws knows how to frame the right language for major releases, layoffs or any modifications in contracts. They also act as delegates to the legal part of the other side in case any claim is filed against the employer. Making an official employment contract which includes all the needed information and clauses is also essential for employers so that there is no legal loophole which damages the company reputation in the long run. One can even solve minor disputes without having to take the matters to the court.


The Takeaway

All of the cases mentioned above are valid and in case you feel conflicted about something but we have not covered it here, do not hesitate to contact legal experts for consulting and general help. Inquiring about some aspects is better than making preventable mistakes. One does not want to be at a disadvantage when it comes to legal matters so make sure you are doing everything by the book. An attorney who knows the labor laws of Virginia is essential to have if the organization is based in the state.

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