Health and safety training should be a top priority for every company, regardless of how big or small the company is. It is what ensures that your employees are safe from workplace injuries while also being more aware of the different hazards that could be associated with their jobs and how to prevent them.

By taking health and safety training seriously, you are making sure that your company is adequately prepared for handling emergencies and, even better, preventing workplace injuries. Here are some of the reasons why workplace health and safety training is important.

It is required by the Law

As an employer, you have a duty to make sure that the individuals you employ to work for you are safe and healthy, regardless of where they are working (the office, factory, construction site or even at home). This duty is also not optional, as many countries have legislations in place to ensure that employers and their employees are taking practical and reasonable steps to ensure workplace health and safety. Since you won’t have a good knowledge of all the legislation around health and safety practices, this is a job you will likely have to hire someone for; whether it’s a full-time employee or a third-party business like Howlett Health & Safety Services.

These legislations also outline certain health and safety procedures to be used in specific industries. Health and safety training is important because organizations found guilty of breaches in health and safety laws will have to face severe consequences such as heavy fines and criminal prosecution.

Increase in Productivity and Output Levels


The health and fitness of your employees have an impact on their efficiency, and as an employer, you should maximize this by providing your employees with the training they need to maintain their safety and health while working. By engaging your employees in regular health and safety training, you are not only reducing the likelihood of workplace-related injuries (and illnesses) but improving productivity.

Your employees will spend less time worrying about their safety and more time focusing on their daily tasks. Fewer injuries and illnesses also mean fewer medical payments, lost wages, and disability compensation on your part, which your company’s finances will thank you for.

Promoting Safety Culture

Implementing regular health & safety training can also help with building a good relationship with your employees. This is because when your staff sees your commitment to ensuring their safety, they tend to feel more valued and satisfied, and this can boost their morale and productivity.

Reducing Potential Compensation Claims

As an employer, workplace health and safety training shows you the measures you need to take to reduce workplace accidents and injuries. This will, in turn, save your company from costly legal issues. Providing a healthy and safe working environment will also keep your employees happy and ensure that they do not have to leave the job due to workplace-related illness.

Reduce Workplace Risk


It doesn’t matter if it’s a busy construction site or a simple business office; every working environment has different hazards and risk factors associated with them.

For example, while an office space may seem safer than a busy construction site, threats like slips (from wet floors), unsecured equipment, and trips and falls can still pose significant risks. As an employer, it is important that you make your employees aware of the unique hazards and risks associated with their jobs. They should be able to identify, monitor, and control these risks.

Maintaining Company Reputation

A single workplace accident that happened as a result of negligence on your part (failing to provide the proper health and safety training for employees), can cause a lot of damage to your company image. So, it is important that you ensure your employees have good knowledge of health and safety through regular training. A company with good safety culture and little to no workplace accidents will not only attract highly qualified candidates but more customers/clients.



If there is one thing workplace health and safety training does, it is to unite employers and employees toward the common goal of creating a work environment that is both healthy and safe. It also ensures the success of both you and your employees, so it is a win-win. Also, the cost of maintaining regular workplace health and safety training is far outweighed by the benefits that this training offer, so it is important that you do not compromise on them.