Any great entertainment work needs a memorable setting, one that’s associated with a story and adds value to it. In the bustling world of entertainment today, it’s arguably more important than ever for a television series or slot game to have a setting that helps make it distinctive.

If you look at some of the greatest series of recent times, such as Game of Thrones and The Last of Us, the main thing they have in common is a unique and iconic setting. Some slot games also leveraging the power of a backdrop, and this helps them stand out from the crowd.

Slot Games Thrive When They Have Iconic Settings

There’s no doubt that slot pages are one of the most jampacked areas of the entertainment industry. As the most popular games at online casinos, developers keep churning out content. However, it’s getting harder to attract players now because of the vast choice available.

There are certain titles that have greater success than others. For instance, a high proportion of people play Big Bass Bonanza. This is perhaps thanks to its instantly recognisable ocean setting. When players see the thumbnail with water and fish, they know they’re going to get an immersive fishing title. There are other reasons why the game has been a success, such as the Dynamite Feature that enables higher paying lines.

If you browse through other slot games at online casinos, it’s clear that developers and artists put a lot of work into their thumbnails. These need to instantly reflect the theme of the game so players know exactly what they are getting. Some other options that do this well include Dragon’s Mirror, which is set in a fantasy world, and Queen of the Pyramids, which uses an Ancient Egyptian setting.

Settings are Just as Important as Characters for Television Series


With bigger budgets being pumped into television series, it has allowed production companies to put a much greater focus into creating amazing settings. Viewers watch series to be transported to another time and place, which is why a great setting can help turn a show into a hit. Game of Thrones is one of the best recent examples of this. As soon as the iconic theme music began, viewers were enraptured in a vibrant fantasy world with a diverse array of locations.

The Last of Us is the latest example of how HBO can make setting as powerful as a character. In the hugely popular series featuring Pedro Pascal in one of his best roles yet, the story takes place across a post-apocalyptic vision of the USA. The streaming service spent a budget of $100 million to transform well-known cities into cordyceps-ravaged versions of their former selves. This helped to add to the immersion of the series and helped viewers feel what life would be like in such a terrifying situation.

Creators in all areas of the entertainment industry are now having to think more about setting to help their work gain mass attention. With so much content out there to choose from, it’s crucial that a television series or slot game has a unique setting that separates it from the competition and helps people form a connection with it.