Thousands of students dream of getting enrolled in IVY league institutions. These colleges and universities have a reputation that can help you develop a good career. But unfortunately, things have become challenging nowadays due to the extreme competition.

You have to write a high-quality essay to get an entry there. But most students fail to produce them, and consequently, their attempt ends in a fiasco. Skill development is the need of time, and hence you may observe that the Internet is flooded with the search for enhancement of essay writing.

Do you struggle with the IVY league? Then, in this case, you need to engage yourself in sharpening your essay writing skills well in advance. Do not panic, as you are in the right place. This article discusses some core skills you need to master to write an engaging IVY league essay.

9 Top Skills That Can Help You Write An Engaging Ivy League Essay

Writing is undoubtedly linked with skill attainment. Students write many essays throughout their school, college, and university career. This helps them structure their thoughts and put things in a presentable way. It can also help them with the required skills. IVY league essays separate themselves from generic essays in terms of their gravity and quality.

Opportunities are always limited, so you must give your best shot. Here we provide some core skills that can help you bring in quality.

1. Reading The Essay Prompt


One of the major mistakes that students make is paying more attention to the essay prompt. It is the section where each and every essay requirement is provided with utmost detail.

The student needs to read them thoroughly, which helps them write effectively. If you follow the essay prompt, you can easily write the essay to manage your essay. Read the essay prompt and highlight the keywords effectively. Using them as the essential requisite can help you develop your essay-writing skills.

2. Exceptional Writing Skills

Do you have the quality to express in black and white? It can help you attain the skill set required to write an engaging essay. It is said that you can or cannot write well. But you have been writing articles since school and must produce them.

Writing skill is an essential skill that you need to develop under any circumstances. Not doing it can affect your impression as a learner. This is a core skill that students must develop in their lifetime.

Reading is a great way to write well. It can help you frame ideas and put them perfectly in your writing. You can take the assistance of competent essay writing services like Fresh Essays.  They are professionals and can help understand the standards of a quality essay.

3. Critical Thinking Skills

The essential requisite to writing a quality essay is the ability to think critically. Critical thinking involves putting the contracting facts. This juxtaposition helps the readers get a completely new dimension to the essay.

If the reader gets a completely new perspective on essay writing, it automatically helps increase the essay’s quality. Critical thinking can help writers write with an argumentative approach. It can help you develop your essay according to the required standards.

4. Brainstorming

Brainstorming is one of the essential skills that you need to write a quality essay. It helps your essay with the criticality that you need. It also motivates the writers to write creatively. Simply answer these questions to gather the skillset.

  • What Might you write about in your essay?
  • Why are you writing the essay? Why is this important?

To find out the answer, you need to engage yourself in brainstorming. It can help you attain your objectives. Remember that IVY leagues applications are increasing. For instance, Harvard University received 61,220 applications. So you have to prepare your best to crack it.

5. Research Skills


Ivy essays are not easy, and you need to write quality ones. Quality writing is possible if you support your ideas with research and statistical data. For this to happen, you need to increase your research skills.

It can help you gather the information that you need to write effectively. So, you have to develop the following skills to write a quality IVY league essay.

6. Outlining

Before you write your essay, you need an outline of your thoughts and information. Accumulate all the information and resources to successfully prepare an outline of the entire essay.

This is highly important so far as addressing the students’ needs is concerned. An outline of your essay does the entire writing in order. With an outline, you can arrange your thoughts and information. It helps you write better and faster.

7. Style And Approach

Style and approach are core essentialities of essay writing, and they can help you write high-quality essays. These are the two important things that you ought to focus on. Putting the data to establish facts might not help you out with your approach.

You have to be argumentative throughout the essay to create the contrast. Only then can it help create an element of interest in your topic? Therefore, be mindful of it, and then you can unquestionably write a quality essay.

8. Personalized Touch

A personalized touch is also an important aspect of your essay. It is one of the essential elements of your essay writing. Now, what is personalized touch?

For example, if you are writing about inflation fuelled by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war, you must also write about how the ongoing war affected you personally.

This personalized approach makes your writing intense. The ultimate aim of the essay is the readers’ engagement, and with the help of a personalized touch, you can get it.

9. Organization Of Thought Process


The success of any genre depends on the organization of thoughts. It can help connect with the audience. At the same time, it can help you produce a high-quality essay.

The thoughts take shape in the form of words. A disorganized thought process mars the flow of writing. This is what you need, especially if you aspire to write the standards of the IVY league. Therefore, give adequate time to develop the thought process.

Putting The Discussion To A Close

IVY institutions are prestigious organizations, and the students consider it an achievement. Therefore, students need to develop the skills to help them write quality articles. Therefore, you need to develop the aforementioned skills to elevate your writing standards. So let’s try to develop them so you can write according to your expectations.