Car Crash

It is utter chaos when you happen to be in an accident. In such situations, you first need to be calm and tend to the injured, if any. Secondly, you might want to call the police, ambulance, and accident lawyers.

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When accidents happen, trust Accident Lawyers to advocate for your rights and provide the assistance you deserve to regain control of your life.

Getting to the Root Cause of the Accident

Cause of the Car Accident

Hiring a good car accident lawyer working in reputable companies such as Heidari Law Group, located in Irvine, Orange County can save you a lot of hassles.

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Accidents can happen due to various reasons. It can be negligence on your part or the other party who was driving the vehicle. The compensation will be decided accordingly. To prove who is at fault, there must be enough evidence to stake the responsibility.

Road accidents can also happen due to poor road conditions, faulty traffic signals, or weather conditions. Apart from natural calamities, you can file a case against the responsible departments and get compensation for the same.

Car accidents types:

  • Sideswipe Accidents

In such accidents, your vehicle collides side-by-side. This can occur while you are moving exiting from parking lots or changing lanes.

  • Rear-end Accidents


These are common accidents wherein vehicles collide with the benders of other vehicles. In most cases, the person who collided with your vehicle is at fault.

In some cases, if you applied sudden brakes and were backing out of an alley without noticing other vehicles, then you might be the culprit.

  • Head-on Collisions

These types of accidents can be life-threatening wherein two vehicles coming from opposite directions, collide with each other. The impact from the collision can differ depending on the speed of the vehicles.

  • Flip over Accidents

These types of accidents can be deadly to all people in the vehicle. This can occur if the vehicle has crashed in lampposts, trees or due to reckless driving.

Car Accident Attorneys to the Rescue

Relying on the services of Irvine, Orange County lawyers to get the right justice can save you time and legal hassles. Some of the benefits include:

  • Lawyers are good at negotiating and can help you get better compensation for your damages
  • They can lend you their expert advice and opinion as they are well-versed in the legal laws
  • They will handle all the legal work and also help resolve issues with the insurance companies


Accident Lawyer

Having competent Irvine, Orange County lawyers by your side can reduce your stress.

You can focus your attention on receiving proper medical care, while these lawyers take care of the rest.