Genshin Impact is a game that you can play on your phone, but there’s much more to it than that. More than any other mobile game we’ve played, Genshin Impact is filled to the brim with exciting things to do. A lot of thought has gone into its systems and combat, and there are many things players can do at any one time. It even has developers who want to hear from fans.

It’s up to them what they want to do. You can do various things such as hunt down chests, play with friends, climb the Spiral Abyss, main quests, cook, mine, or explore. Tips that we’ve learned 30+ Adventure Ranks into the game that we wish we had known at the start.

How to become a Genshin Impact pro?

1. Some Character Abilities Can Be Used Outside Of Battle


Elemental bursts and skills are the primary way Genshin Impact fights. You can also get help from Players shouldn’t think that combat is the only way to use a character’s skills because there are other ways to use them.

In the game, there are a lot of characters who can use their skills to help them explore and solve puzzles, as well. For example, Keqing’s essential skills can be used to teleport to places that are hard to get. As a bonus, Beidou can use the Electro shield from her skill to solve lightning probe puzzles in Inazuma.

2. Elemental bursts can be used to avoid being hurt by other people


As we said before, Genshin Impact has a slight boost to stamina that can make moving a little more complicated. Dodging all attacks in Genshin Impact can be difficult, to say the least, because you’ll be fighting many hard-to-beat people simultaneously.

However, when players can’t dodge, they can still use the unique properties of their elemental bursts to avoid some damage, even when they can’t. Because these attacks have animations for five-star characters, the damage isn’t done for a short time. So, if the player sees a high-damage attack, they can use a carefully timed burst from characters like Diluc to avoid all of the damage while still doing damage.

3. Holding Sprint Isn’t Always Smart


At the start of Genshin Impact, many people hold down the sprint button to get to places faster. However, this process may not be as quick as players think. Holding down the sprint button drains stamina very quickly for most characters.

If you’re in a situation like this, it can be a lot faster to tap the sprint button rather than hold it down; this lets stamina build up as the player runs. Also, sometimes it’s better to stop sprinting entirely if it’s possible to glide.

Many characters have passives that make it easier to glide. Mona and Ayaka both benefit from holding down the sprint button. Players should also remember that some characters aren’t subject to the sprint rule.

4. Always do your daily tasks


There are Daily Commissions at the Guild of Adventure when you reach Rank 12. These are your “dailies” in the game, which are tasks that only need to be done once every 24 hours. They also serve as an incentive to play for at least 20 minutes every day. And it works because the Daily Commissions are worth the time it takes.

Many AR EXP, Primogems, Mora, and other random Artefacts and items are given to people who play the game. If you have a good team together, each one should only take about five minutes to do. There are only four of them. So, at the very least, go on and finish these things. It will make the work a little easier, we promise, and it’ll be worth it.

5. Unlock essential places, like shrines, early in the game


When you play Genshin Impact, you move around a lot. In some Quests, NPCs will ask the Traveller to go from one side of the map to another and then back again in the same one. Players who didn’t take the time to explore the map at the start of the game may have to run around and forth a lot.

If you want to do yourself a favour, go for a walk for a while and try to unlock as many Fast Travel points as you can, especially the Shrines.

6. Content slows down a lot at 25+


Many people who play Genshin Impact on a complimentary basis need to know that the levelling and content slow down around Adventure Rank 25, especially those who don’t pay for the game. At first, it slows down a little, but around AR 30, it starts to slow down a lot.

Now, it’s not like GI doesn’t do many nice things with its microtransactions. There was already a lot of good news about the game when it came out: It was doing well even when it had just been released. There are many things that players will have to do later on, like get talent materials, level up, get Mora, or get AR exp. Players should start preparing for these things early on.

7. People have abilities that help them in the open world and battle


Everyone in this game has one Passive that is unlocked the moment they’re found, and a few more will be opened as that character moves up to Phase 2 and so on. “The amount of time this character spends on certain expeditions in Mondstadt is cut down,” says one.

When you’re exploring the open world, some characters will come in handy a lot more than others: Amber and Venti are two of them. Ningguang, Qiqi, Klee and Kaeya also come in handy. People who have these passives can show Ore on the mini-map, making it easier to get stuff like White Iron from the ground. They can also cut the amount of stamina it takes to run, glide, or swim.

8. Switch Constantly Between Elements And Characters

Pay attention to the weather and keep changing characters all the time. Genshin Impact is not a game where one character plays and the other three slots aren’t used. It just doesn’t work like that.


Combat damage is mainly caused by combining different elements to make things like Swirl, Melt, Frozen, or Overloaded. Players need to ‘diversify’ their team’s details even a little and get used to switching between their groups of four a lot.