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Mini Tummy Tuck is less-invasive and less-extensive surgery, which helps in flattening your lower belly. It helps in reducing excess fat tissues and tightening muscles of the abdomen. If you are struggling with a sagging tummy due to post-pregnancy, extreme weight loss, aging, etc., you can opt for the surgery. Find more information and benefits of Mini Tummy Tuck Surgery.

1. Small incisions

The incisions are created to remove the excess and stubborn fat from the abdomen. It improves the sagging skin by toning up the muscles. The size of the incisions is quite small as compared to other abdomen surgeries. The focused area for the surgery is under the navel. It causes a little scar that is easy to hide under your clothes or fades with time. The small incisions are created in the lower abdomen to remove a small lump of sagging skin.

2. Shorter Surgery Time

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The procedure takes place under general anesthesia or intravenous sedation. It takes around one to two hours to complete the surgery. If we compare the operating time with a traditional tummy tuck procedure, it takes two to four hours. It is quite more than a mini tummy tuck. You can fix an appointment with your doctor for the surgery at any time.

3. Less Recovery Time

There are fewer abdomen corrections in the mini tummy tuck as compared to the traditional procedure. A patient can recover in very little time, i.e., about two to three weeks. If you are a busy-bee, then you can join your office within a week. Women suffering from muscle separation due to post-pregnancy can be treated with a full tummy tuck. You can experience temporary tightness sensation after it.

4. Less Restriction on Body Movement After Surgery

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The lower abdomen muscles are treated in the mini tummy tuck surgery. The sensation of tightness is quite less as compared to the full tummy tuck. A patient can resume to all the moderate activities after the surgery. They can soon join their offices without experiencing any pain and discomfort. The doctor can call the patient for daily check-ups. Within two or three weeks, the wounds will be healed.

5. Navel Left Untouched

The mini tummy tuck surgery takes place below the navel. The procedure includes detaching and repositioning the skin around the navel or lower abdomen. There is no reconstruction of the navel, which means there is no scarring scope near the belly button. If there is a small skin laxity in your lower belly, it is not concerned with the upper belly.

6. No complications in Pregnancy

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If any woman is wondering about becoming a mother after mini tummy tuck surgery, then it is possible. They can have a baby safely in their belly. The procedure will not impact your fertility. It is safe if you want to be pregnant after surgery. Well, you should wait for the surgery until you are done with having children. If you become pregnant after surgery, your skin will stretch and sag more. You can decide the right timing for the cosmetic procedure.

7. Part of Mummy Makeover

The Mini Tummy Tuck is a standalone procedure that you can add with other procedures like Mummy Makeover. Pregnancy affects two parts of the body, i.e., abdomen and breasts. It is a standard procedure that takes place with the breast lift, breast augmentation, and breast reduction. A single surgery is enough to get a fantastic and toned post-pregnancy body.

8. Cost-Effective Treatment

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Generally, cosmetic treatments are expensive, but you will be happy to know that it is a cost-effective tummy procedure. It is a fast and affordable treatment that traditional tummy tuck. If you are tired of too much exercising, dieting, etc., it is the best solution. You can save a lot of time and effort if you choose the procedure to flatten your tummy.

9. Replace C Section Scar

Every year, many women undergo c-section surgery. After giving birth, your body can develop an ugly and unattractive scar. It is quite challenging to hide it. Also, you will get flappy skin that hangs out badly. The Mini Tummy Tuck is an amazing cosmetic procedure that can replace the C-section scar with its small scar. The scar skin will be cut out as a part of a tummy tuck procedure and gives you a little and light scar.

10. Get Flat and Toned Tummy

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Post-pregnancy and extreme weight loss are significant reasons to develop sagging lower belly. Sometimes, exercise and diet are not enough to treat the problem. The surgery can tighten the abdominal muscles and give you a toned appearance. It can also treat lower back pain, caused by weak abdominal muscles. The tightened tissues and muscles help in supporting the spine and allow you to stand without any pain.

11. Reduced Stress Urinary Incontinence

Natural childbirth is a common process, which can develop SUI (Stress Urinary Incontinence) in women. It is a bladder control disorder that leaks to urine whenever the bladder feels stressed or shocked. Whenever a woman sneezes, laughs, coughs, etc., the urine leakage occurs. The Mini Tummy Tuck procedure can treat SUI by creating a bladder obstruction near the pelvic area. It will minimize the frequency and severity of urine leakage.

12. Correct Ventral Hernia

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Ventral Hernia was a condition when the intestine or abdominal tissues penetrated the abdominal wall. It leads to a painful sack. It can cause by appendectomies, C-section, and rapid weight loss. A patient can experience excess pressure, on the abdominal walls, against the skin. After hernia surgery, the lower abdomen muscles become sag. You can combine it with Mini Tummy tuck to treat excess skin and fat. It is a safe, practical, and cost-effective approach.

13. Improves Self Confidence and Manages Weight

After losing too much weight, your skin can sag. It does not look good even if you have a lean physique. When you opt for the procedure, excess skin and fat will be removed from the sagging lower abdomen. The muscles will become tight and tone. Your lean body with toned muscles will look more attractive. It will help in building your self-confidence and managing your weight.