Several people ask how they can author many essays without getting confused or submitting the incorrect school name. The best strategy to manage several essays at once is to do them consecutively. When you write a single essay one at a time and fill a single application at a time, then you avoid the mental burden that may blemish your candidacy. Besides, it makes the essay easy to write since your head focuses on one task at a time. Therefore, an important skill to manage multiple essays is not timing or organization. Still, you need to have the patience to put one task ahead of the others, rather than putting the cart before the horse. According to, there are several practical guidelines for putting this idea into practice. To begin with, place each school’s materials in a separate directory. Consider keeping the essay drafts in sub-directories separate from recommendation outlines, short answer directory for better organization. Secondly, when you have finished writing all the essays for the school, search all the documents for the other schools’ names. However, if you do not have the luxury and time of working on a single school’s essays at a time, then consider limiting crossover at all costs. Avoid working on several schools per session or per day.

Put your deadlines into your diary


Regardless of whether you input your essays on an app or write them on the whiteboard, ensure that you can track your workload. It will enable you to organize your timetable so that you can make tasks more manageable.

Prioritize your tasks

It does not concern the chronological order of the deadlines but about the number of items in each task. Plan your time by distinguishing between what is important and what is urgent, and then identify the tasks that take up more resources, energy, and time. If possible, set your deadlines. It can be one week or just a few days before the actual deadline. It will enable you to hold yourself accountable to the person’s due date and enable you some lead time to lay back and review your work from a different perspective and make any corrects if there.

Decompose your workload


When you have your calendar littered with deadlines, it makes you overwhelmed even before you start. To manage this illusion, consider breaking down huge projects into manageable tasks. It will make you feel encouraged to do more and remain on track to meet all your deadlines.

Reduce distractions

While your urgent goal is to meet all the deadlines, it does not mean that life has to stop; you have to run and power your life as well. For example, you will still receive emails, attend meetings. Therefore you must put guilt-free, stress-free practices in motion to keep your life running effortlessly. It means revising your work hours from your email signature. In this manner, anyone who contacts you gets clear information on your availability and reduces the chances of you losing clients or potential leads. You can offer one or two lines concerning the current project you are working on; this will make people curious and interested in what you are doing.

Maintain your working hours


It is tempting to work all day long to meet your goals or deadlines you end not meeting. Forfeiting downtime will not make you a performer or an efficient employee. Rather it will make you less productive, grouchy, and even tired than if you could have considered taking a break in between your sessions. Break from your work schedule and let your subconscious mind come up with some solutions and great ideas.

Remain healthy

Sugary foods and energy drinks are not a good way to power you. Ensure that you drink and eat healthily, take time off from your laptop from time to time, and ensure that you are productive. When you are physically well, you will have plenty of energy to enable you to your best and achieve great results.

Be honest


Those who are self-employed feel the weight to say yes to any opportunity you get. However, it is good, to be honest, and if you know that you will not meet a deadline, it is good to open up to avoid disappointments. It is also important that you do not push yourself to avoid losing your job. If your work is about meeting the needs of clients, then consider providing alternative due dates.

Look after yourself

When it comes to handling several deadlines, it is a good idea to who works for you; you will get surprised with a few misses and hits. In all processes, remember to look after your health. It is great to have a solid workload, but get motivated, positive, and focused will enable you to meet your targets and meet all the due dates.

Identify your efforts


The efforts you need to put in your assignments differ greatly. For example, those assignments we think are small might require a lot of effort to finish compared to big or large assignments. Before you begin on any assignment:

  1. Try to estimate the effort you might need for each assignment.
  2. Begin with assignments that need the most effort and finish with those that need the least effort.
  3. Consider lengthy assignments.

Adopt flexibility

As you work with your assignments, you need to know that assignments might have issues. To avoid issues with your assignments, it is important that you are flexible and focused. When working on a project, it might be necessary to change to another for some good reasons. In such situations, you need to embrace such changes and remain flexible.