The lovely sides of Australia and all the nice things it possesses and gives to the world are talking about all around the globe Everyone knows that it’s the land of so many absorbing and amazing things, like astonishing nature, super laid-back people and so much more, but folks often know quite little about its beauty industry and innovations in this sphere. Admittedly, the fans of cosmetics probably got the news about certain brands that became famous outside the borders of the country, but maybe not enough and as much as they should. It’s true that thanks to numerous beauties that include a diverse flora full of medicinal herbs and exotic natural ingredients, as well as special other types of materials used in making products, this country has developed several enviable beauty collections.

Precisely because everyone’s used to world-famous brands, we need a little bit of refreshment in the form of some new suggestions that didn’t get much attention but seem to be quite good. Actually, at times even better than certain sounding names. The land of kangaroos has raised its standards to a higher level, offering some truly serious beauty products that are slowly but surely gaining the trust of thousands of people every day.

Most of the items from the collections we’ll talk about are available for online shopping, so you won’t even have to go to Australia to enjoy them –  you can get them in any part of the world as they’ll come to you. But even if you’re an Aussie and you wanna enjoy them, you can always find the nearest perfumeries via platforms like KevsBest and make your purchase. It’s time for their appearance to get the attention it deserves, so, well, feel free to read more about it in the following lines.

1. Grown Alchemist


Let’s start with one of the most popular brands – Grown Alchemist. Of course, where there’s a wonderful Australian nature, there are also fantastic cosmetics on a natural basis, that is, in this case, an organic line of care products. The very philosophy of the company cites the care of human health as a thing that prompted it to create something like this, and they include not only classical factors, but also branches of medicine such as pharmacology, genetics, and psychology in its formulas. So, behind its appearance, there’s a whole team of experts who do their best to make what they create as safe as possible for use.

It could be said that their narrower specialization lies in skincare items, but it’s also possible to find hair care products, hand and body washes, shaving gels, and much more. Another advantage is that a lot of effort has been invested in adapting cosmetics for both women and men, so today all products are unisex and can be enjoyed by everyone. They are characterized by simple, minimalist packaging without a special logo, but the quality of the product is undeniable, so basically they don’t even need a special label to attract attention.

2. Sukin


Here comes a lovely eco-friendly solution that keeps going strong for almost 13 years now. Sukin belongs to these brands where what matters the most is the awareness of what nature’s giving us. So, not only are they keen on including some pretty cool herbal extracts and essential oils in their formulas, but they have also made an environmentally friendly package that’s completely biodegradable. That’s what encourages the love toward the beauties our planet gave us looks like!

Apart from being so protective toward natural riches, Sukin also covers each and every type of skin, considering the fact that their website offers a great filter in order to help you find what you’re searching for. Apart from skincare and some lovely, replenishing moisturizers and toners, like, for example, the one in the form of the mist toner, they also distribute various body care products, as well as hair care and a special part of the brand for guys. Even babies can use these, which only emphasizes the mildness of the formulas.

3. Frank Body


Do you know how this brand came about or more precisely, how this whole idea started to live? You won’t believe it, but it happened in a coffee shop, just at the moment when it occurred to someone to use coffee beans as a body scrub. This is how one of the most famous products from this line was created – the amazing coffee scrub. There’s no need to tell you how prosperous this endeavor was – it delivered the concept of a whole range of body care products in the first place, expanding the offer later and starting a skincare range as well.

Gorgeous shimmering oils, body care products made of charcoal particles, special kaolin clay, and squalane are only a part of this huge range of articles, and believe us – once you enter their website and start searching and scrolling down the page, you won’t be able to get enough!

4. Sodashi


Here you have the opportunity to meet a brand whose products are adored throughout the island’s areas and are an indispensable part of spa routines in hotels and other luxurious places. Yes, they’re that good. Even better, thanks to their website, as well as several other online shopping platforms, you can move exotic spa treatments to your own bathroom. How cool is that?

Sodashi articles are a real feast for the senses and thanks to planting extracts such as jasmine, rose and vanilla, you’ll probably feel like you’re somewhere far away, in the tropics, and you definitely won’t want to return to reality. They include full body care, but also a fine selection of essential oils and fragrances for your home. Animal testing isn’t their cup of tea and they stick to it firmly – and the packaging is extremely elegant and decorative.

5. Kora Organics


As the fifth and the last brand, there comes Kora Organics. The creator of this cosmetic line, a lovely model Miranda Kerr, definitely made a huge effort to implement her concepts in the best possible way. That’s why the results are perfectly visible immediately after the first couple of uses of products belonging to this range. The ingredients that enriched the concept of all face creams and cleansers are suitable for vegans and of course, there aren’t even traces of animal testing. Another natural, herbal brand with dozens of various kinds of oils and mild herbs that strengthen, cleanse, and protect the skin from harmful external influences.

Given the whole bunch of expensive ingredients without which there would be no such effect, the prices are quite affordable, and, among other things, you can find them in Sephora. For that money, you get something completely chemical-free and healthy. Also, according to the tenderness and beauty of the creator of the brand, the packaging is also more than cute, in some cool colors, and very pleasant to be looked at. Simply fantastic!