A dog can be a beautiful addition to almost every family. This is not just a pet for our entertainment because it can easily become a part of a family. Within just a few months, you can love the dog as much as any other human. It really is amazing what these animals can bring to our lives. But, for those that are inexperienced with this type of pet, it can take a little bit of time to adjust. This is especially true for certain types of dog breeds.

If this is the first time you are thinking about getting a dog for your family, you should probably be searching for the right breed. Since you are here reading this article, I assume that you already know that.

Believe it or not, but different breeds have different characteristics and requirements. Some breeds can be lazy and unenthusiastic while others can be very energetic and will require a lot of maintenance.

However, since you are a first-time owner, it would probably be best to find a pet that will not require a lot of maintenance. Something that you can easily adjust to. Otherwise, you may find it too difficult to satisfy the needs of a more complicated breed. Buying pet dogs is one thing and taking good care of them as a part of your own family is another. Make sure if you buy one, you take safe care of them. Proper care of your pet includes various factors such as frequent vet checkups, proper diet, and a good pet insurance plan. If you are looking into pet insurance, look for a company offering affordable prices such as Bivvy that will help protect you from the burden of unexpected medical bills.

To help you make the right choice, I decided to write this article and share the best and the worst type of dog for first time owners.

Best family breeds for first-time owners

First, let us talk about the best choices you can make as a first-time dog owner.



I think this may be the most perfect choice for almost everyone and I am sure that many experienced dog owners and experts will agree with me. This is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle. Almost every doodle has a great character and can easily connect with humans. They are also quite smart which means training them in teaching them new tricks is quite easy and here are fun-loving Goldendoodles For Sale.

Of course, even if it is easy, you will still need to invest some time to ensure that you are teaching it properly. Without investing enough time, your doodle may have trouble understanding some of your commands.

Another great thing about doodles is the fact that they can be both high energy and low energy characters as suggested by We Love Doodles. If you are leading a more sedentary lifestyle, they can easily adjust to that. But, if you prefer long walks, running, or a more active lifestyle, they can adjust to that too. This is a very versatile type of dog.

The only difficult part is the grooming, but you can always leave that to a professional. Grooming once or twice a month is more than enough. Poodles also do not shed a lot which is a huge benefit for people with OCD.

I think it is also important to mention that poodles are hypoallergenic. This means that their hairs will not cause an allergic reaction, unlike many other dogs.



Do not let the weight and size of this little breed for you. Sure, it is tiny and it weighs only around 1 kg or a bit more, but it is actually very intelligent. In fact, many experts claim that Pomeranians are one of the more intelligent breeds out there. There are also quite sociable, playful, and friendly with both adults and children. If you have children, this might be the perfect choice for you.

One long walk in the day is more than enough to keep the Pomeranian satisfied. Since it is so small, this will be enough exercise for it.

Although intelligent, it will still need some dedication with training to teach it tricks or commands. Without training, a Pomeranian can get quite feisty and will bark. So, make sure to keep that in mind.

Golden retriever


I do not think that many people would agree with this statement, but golden retrievers might be a great addition for most families. Sure, it is bigger than all of the other suggestions I made and it does leave for everywhere, but this breed is so smart, playful, and happy. It will make every household happier.

Sure, there are a few downsides. They will require a lot more exercise than a smaller dog to keep them happy. They are also not hypoallergenic, which can be a problem for people with allergies. But, that is about it.

They are great with kids, adults, and almost everyone else they meet. They are one of the most popular dogs in the world.

Worst family breeds for first-time owners

Of course, there will always be bad choices for first-time users. Here are some of them.



Whenever you see a photo of an Akita, they are always beautiful and very cute. But, their personality is the exact opposite. These dogs were bred to strong, powerful, and hunters. They were made to help us, people with hunting. In other words, they are ready to fight and protect in every situation.

This is why they are so protective of their owners. This can prove as a problem because if you do not know how to handle an Akita, it may be aggressive against your guests or even other members of your family. An Akita needs to be supervised all the time when near children.

There also shed a lot, so you will probably need to keep it outside most of the time.

Do not get me wrong, Akita’s are still great animals, but it is definitely not a good choice for first-time owners.

German Shepherd


The German Shepherd is probably one of the more popular breeds in the world, but they require a lot of maintenance. They are very intelligent, but also need a lot of training. For most people, the training part is the most difficult which is why they leave that part for a professional.

German shepherds also require a lot of exercise throughout the day. Just two walks are not enough. They require at least an hour of running every single day.



Rottweilers are amazing dog breeds, but they can be very stubborn at times. They require a lot of attention throughout the day and training if you want them to obey your commands. For more experienced people, Rottweiler can be easy, but for first-time owners, it could be dangerous.

Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherd is a highly trainable and super intelligent dog who is eager to please and loves to be put to work. He enjoys learning wag-worthy tricks, he is into sports, and can fetch a flyball like it’s his job. Also, he is a loyal guardian, loving family dog, who with a little training can be a great playmate for your kids. For more info and fun facts on Aussies, Pumpkin pet insurance is a great resource.

If you are truly planning to get a dog, these are some of the breeds that you should co consider and avoid.